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 - Move Stargate.jar to your /plugins/ location
 - Open up your file and add "Stargate" to your "plugins" line. It's case sensitive, and if there's already text there seperate them with a comma (",")
 - If your server is already up, type "enableplugin Stargate" in your console (No restart required!)

Building a gate:
   O  O - These are Obsidian blocks. You need 10.
   O  O - Place a sign on either of these two blocks of Obsidian.
   O  O
 - Type a name on the first line on the sign, it must be less than 12 characters long.

Using a gate:
 - Right click the sign to choose a destination.
 - Left click the button to open up a portal.
 - Step through.
Fixed gates:
 - Fixed gates are like normal gates, but can only go to one destination and will always remain open.
 - If you create two fixed gates that point to eachother, you will have a two-way portal.
 - You can link gates to normal gates, or to other fixed gates which can link to another fixed gate etc. You can't link a normal gate to a fixed gate though.
 - Creating a fixed gate is the same as a normal gate, but you must specify the destination on the second line.

Gate networks:
 - Gates are all part of a network, by default this is "central".
 - You can specify (and create) your own network on the third line of the sign when making a new gate.
 - Gates on one network will not see gates on the second network, and vice verca.
 - You can edit all values in stargate.txt to your choosing, mostly the RP text on doing actions involving a gate.
 - Destroying gates is restricted to users with the /stargate command permission (Though, note, there is no command /stargate)
 - If you have iConomy, you can set "cost-to-use" and "cost-to-create" to modify how much money it will cost a user to use or create a Stargate, respectively.


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