An in-application console manager and console communicator for C# Development.
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Rage.MP Development Kit

This project will let you run the server in an .exe file and allow you to also use a special C# reference to hook into an event and send the server custom commands. The server takes 'string' messages and relays them to an event you can hook into.


  • Install directly to your server-files folder.
  • Installation will be done correctly if you have a Rage Dev Kit folder inside server-files.

Quick start:

  • Reference the DeveloperKit.dll in your project.
  • This .dll file can be found inside of the zipped archive.
    • You may have to add this .dll to your runtime folder. Not entirely sure on this.
  • Hook into the event -> DeveloperKit.Main.RconEvent.RconEventTrigger += EventHandler;
  • Compile your C# into a .dll and reference the .dll instead of individual files.
  • Run the server through the Dev Kit and it should work out.

Using the Event in your Resource:

using DeveloperKit; // Add the using statement.

// Reference Rage.MP Script
public class MyClass : Script 
    public void ResourceStart()
        // Hook into the event.
        RconEvent.RconEventTrigger += EventTrigger;
    private void EventTrigger(object source, string[] args) {
        // Handle called events here. All events are seperated by spaces.
        // Terrible Example:
        if (args[0] == "kick") {