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Finds Strings in packed source code files
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Finds Strings in packed source code files.

Problem statement

A set of files need to be checked for the occurence of a given set of Strings. The source files are contained in ZIP files that can contain ZIP files recursively


java -jar findString.jar -d directory -s strings [-o output]

  • -d,--dir directory with all zip files
  • -s,--stringfile Filename with Strings to search, one per line
  • -o,--output Output file name for report in MD format
  • -nz,--nz Rerun find operation on a ready unzipped structure - good for alternate finds
  • -r,--reportformat Format for the Report: markdown, xml, json
  • -x,--extensivescan Test every file for Zipped content (catches office formats too) - Warning SLOW!!!

(C) 2019 St.Wissel - see license file

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