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* stackoverflow winterbash fixes (the-j0k3r)
* announce removal of scrollbars and point to style (the-j0k3r)
* remove scrollbars there a style for this. (the-j0k3r)
* deps update (the-j0k3r)
* Update to better explain Syntax Theme installation (#225) (Ramprakash)

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This dark theme applied to Stack Overflow and almost all Stack Exchange sites (except Area 51).


Stack Overflow Dark preview


A userstyle manager is required, common ones include:

🎨 Stylus for Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
🎨 xStyle for Firefox or Chrome.


πŸ“¦ Install the usercss. Supports automatic updates.

Additional styles

πŸ“¦ Install the StackOverflow Syntax Themes usercss

  • The StackOverflow Syntax Themes style is a required additional style for rendering blocks of code on StackOverflow, it contains preset + custom syntax themes.

πŸ“¦ Install the global Overlay-Scrollbars usercss

  • The Overlay-Scrollbars style is an optional additional style for styling scrollbars on modern browsers since removing scrollbars styles in this commit


  • In versions 2.8.0+, this style will apply to almost all Stack Exchange sites.
  • From version 5.0.0, the syntax themes are removed and added as separate theme switcher, this is because SO design upstream changed, see issue #218


If you would like to contribute to this repository, please...

  1. πŸ‘“ Read the contribution guidelines.
  2. repo-forked Fork or cloud-download download this repository.
  3. πŸ‘Œ Create a pull request!

Thanks to all that have contributed so far!