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Applies to all Wikimedia wikis (,,, etc.), Wikidot wikis and the Arch Linux wiki.

Maintainers needed

Please read this announcement.


Wikipedia Dark preview

This theme also works with the mobile sites (Minerva skin). For more comparisons, see the image gallery.


A userstyle extension is required, common ones include

🎨 Stylus for Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Then install using one of these methods

📦 Install the usercss with Stylus or xStyle. Supports automatic updates.

Additional Userstyles

⚙️ Overlay-Scrollbars
⚙️ Wikipedia Dark Gray Text Colors
⚙️ Wikipedia Dark IMG Styles

Note: With exception of the Overlay Scrollbars style the Wiki additional styles are NOT to be used on their own without the Wikipedia Dark style also installed ;)


Wikipedia Dark only supports the default wikipedia vector theme.

Support for other themes are graciously accepted via a pull request... If interested please open a new issue to discuss your intentions before proceeding.

  • Many of the table cells have inline styling to add a background colors.
    • Some of the very common stylings have been replaced using attribute selectors ( e.g. th[style*="background:#eee" i] ).
    • But due to the sheer number of possibilities, the replaced css style would also need to include selectors such as th[style*="background-color: #eee" i] and th[style*="background-color:#eee" i], th[bgcolor="eee" i] and th[style*="background-color: #eeeeee" i], etc.
    • It would be a daunting task to find and replace all of these colors. I hope you see my point.
    • If you really want a background color to be fixed, please share a pull request of the fix. We may not always have time to get to it.
  • Not all images can be made readable.
    • This style uses a css filter to invert the images, but this really only works on basic black-and-white images.


If you would like to contribute to this repository, please...

  1. 👓 Read the contribution guidelines.
  2. repo-forked Fork or cloud-download download this repository.
  3. 👌 Create a pull request!

Thanks to all that have contributed so far!

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