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Android app to fetch and view data from the Mastercom Workbook
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Mastercom Workbook client

Mastercom is an italian company which provides services to schools (i.e. register-logs). One of these services is a website named "Workbook" (in italian "Quaderno Elettronico") made for students to access marks, timetables, files... This app is an Android client that wraps around the website and is (currently only) able to show marks, subjects and documents. It is lightweight and uses Material Design.



  • Log in with your Workbook credentials to any school that uses the Mastercom platform. Just insert the id of the school (e.g. marconi-tn), the user id (e.g. 123456) and the password, and you are ready to go!
  • Log out is available, and school id and user id are remembered.


  • Loads the list of subjects on startup and shows them in the home page, along with the corresponding teacher and marks' average.
  • Calculate the average by term of the marks of a subject.
  • Calculate which mark you need to get in the next N tests so that your average becomes M. N and M can both be chosen.


  • Every mark has a value, a description, a teacher and a date. Not-classified marks are supported (e.g. "A", or Absent).
  • The marks view shows marks (from a subject, or all) in a list that can be sorted by value and by date.
  • The statistics view shows a graph of marks (from a subject, or all). Clicking on a point in the graph shows the mark info.


  • Find the documents you need thanks to filters (by year and by subject).
  • Download a document by just tapping on it: an Android notification will show up. When the download has finished the notification can be clicked to view the downloaded document.
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