v2.0.0 – Easy living

@ademar ademar released this Jan 3, 2017 · 10 commits to master since this release

This release is a culmination of a lot of improvements to stability and functionality of Suave. This release also marks full .Net Core support.

In the order of most recent appearance on master, these are the major features/fixes of v2.0:

  • (Suave) Change from port 8083 to 8080 by default.
  • (Suave.Experimental) More valid HTML printing with Suave.Experimental.Html
  • (Suave) Multipart forms support all of UTF-8. Tested in China.
  • (Suave) A new forwards-compatible logging infrastructure using Logary Facade including pretty-printing.
  • (Suave.Tests, Suave.Testing) Moved from Fuchu to Expecto
  • (Suave[.OWIN]) SignalR supported (websocket support to OWIN)
  • (Suave) Better logging of exceptions through the new logging infrastructure
  • (Suave[.Authentication]) Session id fixes
  • (Suave[.OWIN]) ClaimsPrincipals support
  • (Suave) Bugfixes for serving large files under load
  • (Suave) Added queryParamOpt and queryFlag to HttpRequest to make it easier to check for flags.
  • (Suave[.WebSocket]) Fixes found during load-testing Suave's own WebSocket implementation
  • (Suave[.OWIN]) Cookie parsing bugfixes
  • (Suave) Adding 306 and 426 status codes
  • (Suave[.DotLiquid]) Refactored to be parametised so that it can e.g. render e-mails without writing to Suave's output buffers
  • (Suave) all .mk functions have been renamed .create.
  • (Suave[.OWIN]) Added working Identity Server example, tested to work with Identity Server
  • (Suave[.Files]) Disposing file streams when serving files to avoid locking files
  • (Suave) A lot of back and forth with the mono team to make the current master branch of mono work well with Suave (through our testing infrastructure)
  • (Suave[.EventSource]) Emitting a preamble – EventSource is a low-tech, stable, cross-browser alternative to WebSockets; for push data.
  • (Suave[.Cookies]) Warn if a cookie being set is larger than 4 KiB and will be truncated by browsers
  • (Suave[.Cookies]) Allow = in cookie values
  • (Suave[.Authentication]) Support deauthenticating
  • (Suave) Bugfixes in pathScan for urls with spaces in them
  • (Suave) Auto-expanding buffer-manager

Suave v2 has been through a couple of months of release candidates and has been tested in production; so it should be good to go!

Happy requesting,
Henrik & Ademar