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FFmpegUI is a graphical web interface for the famous FFmpeg.
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FFmpegUI v1.01 Build Status

FFmpegUI is a graphical web interface for the famous FFmpeg + MakeMKV.

FFmpegUI v1.01


FFmpegUI v1.0



  • almost everything FFmpeg can do with videos
  • Hardware encoding with VAAPI and CUDA*
  • Blu-Ray/DVD Ripping support
  • PROXMOX KVM & LXC support

*it may be possible that CUDA is not working. is due to FFmpeg or CUDA, if you have success please tell me versions of FFmpeg, CUDA and Nvidia drivers.


tested and recommended on Ubuntu 18.04

example as root:

$ apt -y install git
$ git clone
$ cd ~/FFmpegUI
$ chmod +x
$ ./

add a video file to /var/www/html/FFmpeg_UI/media/input

then go to http://localhost/FFmpeg_UI or http://ip/FFmpeg_UI

Installation example:

intel CPU supports VAAPI

 [x] 1 Install Dependencies
 [ ] 2 Install NVIDIA driver
 [ ] 3 Install NVIDIA driver (Proxmox LXC)
 [ ] 4 Install CUDA
 [ ] 5 Install FFmpeg (supports VAAPI+CUDA)
 [x] 6 Install FFmpeg (supports VAAPI)
 [x] 7 Install Apache2 and FFmpegUI
 [ ] 8 reboot



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