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WMS-Setup is a setup wizard for the HSTI Mobostick(tm) and Wirelss Media Stick(tm)

WMS-Setup is mainly intended for Linux users who do not want to struggle
with the console or find the manual ACSII to HEX conversation not convenient.
The usage itself is very similar to the wizards for Windows or Mac PC's provided
with the sticks. Anyway both sticks work well in a Linux only environment.

HOWTO - build and run

1) get the source (via git or the download option on the page)

2a) build and run with ant
~$> cd WMS-Setup-source-directory
~$> ant run

2b) build and run with Netbeans
- open the project in Netbeans
- SHIFT-F11 (clean and build)
- F6 (run project)

2c) build and run "the manual way"
Linux users:
- cd WMS-Setup-source-directory
- ./
- ./

Windows users:
- cd WMS-Setup-source-directory
- .\build_manual.cmd
- .\wms-setup.cmd

HOWTO - use

- enter the necessary data
   MAC address    : the MAC address of the wireless access point
                    example: 00:CA:FE:BA:BE:00
   SSID           : the SSID of the wireless network
                    example: my_home_wifi
   password       : WIFI passphrase to connect to the network
   security type  : one of "open", "WEP", "WPA", "WPA2"
   encryption type: one of "n/a", "TKIP", "AES"

- mount the setup drive provided by the stick
  Mobostick           : the drive label is "Setup"
  Wireless Media Stick: the drive label is "WMS Setup"

- click on the "save" button in WMS-Setup and select the related configuration
  (the mount point /media might differ on your Linux distribution)
  Mobostick           : /media/Setup/wms
  Wirelss Media Stick : /media/WMS Setup/wms

Shortly after you clicked on the OK button the stick will be unmounted and reboot
automatically. As soon the LED stops flashing you can configure the stick via
the buildin webfrontend (only Wireless Media Stick) or the related Android apps.

The names "Mobostick" and "Wireless Media Stick" are trademarks of their owner
Home ServerTechnologies Inc. (HSTI).
WMS-Setup wizard is not supported by Home Server Technologies Inc.. Please don't
bother their support.
If you have some trouble/suggestion please drop me an email: bits_n_bytes (at)