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Vagrant configs for the uplift project: Windows 2016 domain controllers, SQL 2016, SharePoint 2016 and CRM.
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This repository contains examples and how-tos for the uplift project.

The uplift project offers consistent Packer/Vagrant workflows and Vagrant boxes specifically designed for SharePoint professionals. It heavy lifts low-level details of the creation of domain controllers, SQL servers, SharePoint farms and Visual Studio installs by providing a codified workflow using Packer/Vagrant tooling.

How this works

The uplift project is split into several repositories to address particular a piece of functionality:

The current repository houses examples and how-tos for the uplift project.

Using uplift-contrib project

All examples are organised into subfolders to address a particular area of the uplift project: downloading binaries, using PowerShell modules, building Packer images, customising Packer images and Vagrant boxes, and so on. Refer to a particular subfolder and README file for more information.

Feature requests, support and contributions

All contributions are welcome. If you have an idea, create a new GitHub issue. Feel free to edit existing content and make a PR for this as well.

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