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Car control unit firmware (ROM) data visualisation viewer and metadata editor, "Denso" specific.
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Quick Facts


  1. Purpose

  2. License

  3. Further Details

1) Purpose

ScoobyRom is a car control unit (ECU, TCU) firmware (ROM) data visualisation viewer and metadata editor. Currently it is very Denso specific.

Originally designed for Subaru Diesel (Euro 4 & 5) ROMs, some Subaru petrol models, as well as ROMs from other manufacturers like Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc. have been tested working (where Denso supplied control units). In general, different car models are equipped with different ECUs (hardware and/or firmware), therefore success varies.

Main features

  • Find and visualise 2D (x-y) and 3D (x-y-z) tables ("maps").
  • Allows adding metadata (category, title, axes names, units, description text) as ROMs (= compiled software + calibration data such as tables) do not contain such annotations.
  • Display and verify checksums.

ROM memory model is supposed to be 32 bit, big endian, others are unlikely to work.

ROM types confirmed working:

  • Engine Control Unit (ECU):

    • petrol and diesel models
    • Renesas microcontrollers
      • SH7055 (512 KiB)
      • SH7058, SH7058S (1.0 MiB)
      • SH7059 (1.5 MiB)
  • Transmission Control Unit (TCU):

    • Automatic Transmission (Subaru 5AT) (SH7058, 1.0 MiB)

However you can try any file safely as it is being opened in read-only mode. Worst thing that can happen is the app finds nothing at all or false items only.

This application is not a ROM editor (yet), you cannot change table values or modify a ROM in any way! Remember, in this version the ROM file is only being read. All additional data is saved into an extra XML file. However, ScoobyRom supports multiple ROM editors via "export as" features:

a) RomRaider ECU definition format

"RomRaider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern Subaru Engine Control Units and some older BMW M3 (MS41/42/43) DME."

b) TunerPro XDF format

"TunerPro is a free, donate-if-you-like-it tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper for the hobbyist and professional alike. It uses a versatile and extensible calibration definition format (XDF) that is user-defineable and is quite powerful."

2) License

GPLv3. See text file COPYING.txt for license text.

You can also get license text in different formats and further details there.

3) Further Details

See and other documentation files (*.md) in project subfolders.

Main documentation:

Following formats are also included in binary download package (.ZIP) for convenience, automatically generated from above Markdown source:

  • ScoobyRom/README.html
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