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  • Coventry, United Kingdom


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Dennis Lall DennisBold

@mrandmrssmith London, United Kingdom

Cliven Mitchell lare96
Self taught 21 yr old. I usually write projects in Java and other JVM languages such as Kotlin and Scala. I dabble in C++ as well.

Toronto, ON

James Monger Jameskmonger

London, United Kingdom

Zachariah Knight spkaeros
I'm a computer programmer with over a decade of experience. I've done lots of work in Java, Perl, C, PHP, and Go. Go is my current favorite. UNIX sysadmin

Michigan City, Indiana

Alessandro Amantini Amantini1997
Bsci Computer Science with Management at King's College London

PCMS London

Michael Pound mikepound
Assistant Professor in Computer Science

University of Nottingham

Software Developer Placement Student at Flooid in Coventry. Computing Science student at University of East Anglia in Norwich.


Kalen (Konloch) Kinloch Konloch
Java Addict, Open Source Developer, Administrator of and creator of Bytecode Viewer

http://The.Bytecode.Club Las Vegas, Nevada


@soulsplit-ps PA

Stargirl Flowers theacodes
CircuitPythonista and synth crafter

Winterbloom Atlanta, Georgia

Jonathan Marsh j-m
Third year computer science student and treasurer for the Hackathon Society at Coventry University

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Eric Jivraj ericjivraj
Final Year Computer Science Student

Aston University Birmingham

josh joshuarli
i like computers, ^(f|fl)?oss$, *nix, the cli, and minimalism


Toby Smith tobysmith568
Full-Stack Software Developer currently working with C# and Typescript/React

Trayport Plymouth, UK

Omar Assadi 54
CS student @ National Research Tomsk State University

Tomsk, Russian Federation

PH01L osrsbox
An avid Old School Runescape (OSRS) player. Dabbling in a little software and web development.


Arham Siddiqui Arham4
In a very intimate and romantic relationship with Software Engineering | University of Texas at Dallas
Galkon Galkon

Medal Long Beach, CA

nilllzz nilllzz
JavaScript is just webscale Java tbh --- My software is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects.
Chad Alen chadalen Bismarck, ND

Marcello Detailed
Student, developer, programming enthusiast.

United States

Michal Konecny michalkonecny

Aston University Birmingham, UK

Gary Tierney garyttierney
Software Engineer


Michael Bull michaelbull
Software developer & technology enthusiast with interests towards computer programming, reverse engineering, and full-stack web development.


Anthony Calandra AnthonyCalandra
B.CS University of Waterloo


Ben Lawton bltn


Paul Gibbs paulgibbs
Team Lead @PragmaticWebLimited. Previous: Daily Telegraph (UK), Automattic, Human Made. Created: BuddyPress, Achievements, WordHat (Behat).

Pragmatic @PragmaticWebLimited UK


Warlords of Hell Europe

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