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SublimeGit is going open source. This is a short TODO list of what needs to happen:

  • Split plugin code from website code
  • Remove licensing code and commands
  • Release plugin code in SublimeGit repo
  • Add license
  • Remove code for dealing with bytecode distribution
  • Move documentation to readthedocs, or a github pages site or something
  • Redirect SublimeGit domains to this repository
  • Change SublimeGit repo in Package Control to install from Github

Old Roadmap

1.0.X (Minor releases)

Prioritized features (These are what's being worked on, in this order):

  • Interactive rebase. (Issue #54, #9)
  • Pushing and pulling of tags. (Issue #68)
  • Add unmerged paths to status view.

Various features (In no particular order):

  • Difftool command. (Issue #43)
  • Open status view after select/init repo when running Git: Status.
  • Force reindex of project-wide tags on checkout.
  • Open file at correct point with in diff view.
  • Git: Commit & Push command.
  • Git-flow: Feature Publish command. (Issue #28)
  • Git-flow: Feature Pull command.
  • Open Git: Remote > Show
  • Browse forwards and backwards in Git: Show. (Related to issue #72)
  • Git: Show syntax highlighting (Related to issue #72)
  • Cherry-picking.
  • Improved syntax highlighting for Git: Blame.
  • Alternative short syntax for Git: Blame.
  • Allow for --word-diff option in diff view.

Bugs (In no particular order):

  • Handle username/password/passphrase freezes better.
  • Fix some whitespace problems (It seems like the whitespace = cr-at-eol setting is getting ignored, and probably other whitespace settings too. Running git diff in Sublime Text shows ^M at end of line, doing the same in a terminal window omits the ^M as it should).
  • Improve reload logic to get rid of need to restart Sublime Text after some updates.
  • Improve status view cursor location logic. (Issue #10)
  • Commit message is empty on merge commits.
  • Git-flow issues. (Issue #63, #51)
  • Binary files and diffs can cause issues. (Specifically, some fonts)
  • File encoding issues in Git: Blame and Git: Diff. (Windows 1252 or ISO-8859-1 with characters like å)


Planned Features:

  • Git: Log view. (See below)
  • Git: Branch view. (See below)
  • Add unpushed commits to status view.
  • Hub integration. (Issue #30)

1.2.0 and later

  • Git: Annotate.
  • git-svn integration. (Issue #37)
  • Squashing.
  • Bisecting.

Feature Descriptions

Git: Log View (Issue #70)

Show a pretty tree (ala glog alias). Make sure the branches are colored in the correct way, if possible (use the ascii color codes and make a custom colorscheme for the view).

It should be possible to walk through the graph using n and p, and maybe jumping to merges and branches in an intelligent way. Pressing enter should open a commit in the commit view, and show a color-coded diff. Pressing space should append the commit to an already existing commit view and scroll the view.

It should also be possible to refresh the log by pressing r. In the bottom of the view there should be a text which allows for loading X more lines (if necessary).

Git: Branch View

List of local and remote branches, with meta-information for each one, as well as easy navigation.

should allow

  • pushing
  • pulling
  • fetching
  • rebasing
  • publishing
  • unpublishing
  • checkout
  • delete
  • merge
  • rebase
  • rename
  • etc.