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Keyboard Shortcuts

Status View


  • r: Refresh status
  • 1-5: Jump to section
  • n: Next item
  • N: Next section
  • p: Previous item
  • P: Previous section


  • s: Stage file/section
  • S: Stage all unstaged files
  • ctrl+shift+s: Stage all unstaged and untracked files
  • u: Unstage file/section
  • U: Unstage all files
  • backspace: Discard file/section
  • shift+backspace: Discard everything


  • c: Commit
  • C: Commit -a (add unstaged)
  • ctrl+shift+c: Commit --amend (amend previous commit)
  • enter: Open file
  • d: View diff


  • a: Apply stash
  • A: Pop stash
  • z: Create stash from worktree

Blame View

  • enter: Show the selected commit(s)
  • b: Run blame starting from the selected commit(s)

Diff View


  • n: Next hunk
  • N: Next file
  • p: Previous hunk
  • P: Previous file


  • +: Increase hunk context
  • -: Decrease hunk context


  • s: Stage hunk
  • u: Unstage hunk
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