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// Enables ghc-mod (you should have it installed,
// e.g. via cabal install ghc-mod).
// See the add_to_PATH settings to specify a custom location.
"enable_ghc_mod": true,
// Enable auto completion of module imports
"auto_complete_imports": true,
// Enable auto completion of LANGUAGE pragmas
"auto_complete_language_pragmas": true,
// Enable auto build on save
"enable_auto_build": true,
// Enable auto check on save
"enable_auto_check": true,
// Enable auto lint on save (as hints when building)
"enable_auto_lint": true,
// How to build the cabal project in order to obtain error messages.
// This option exists because `cabal build` is slow and cannot re-print
// warnings of already compiled modules.
// (Also see, cabal 1.16).
// Possible values:
// - "normal"
// Uses a full `cabal build`, generating object files and binaries.
// If this takes too long for you, look at the other options.
// - "normal-then-warnings"
// Like "normal", but afterwards also collects project-wide warnings with
// `cabal build --ghc-options="-fforce-recomp -Wall -fno-code"`
// (this recompiles everything, but skips code generation for speed).
// - "typecheck"
// Performs a type check of the whole project, trying to not do any more
// than that in order to give faster feedback (that "normal").
// Currently uses `cabal build --ghc-options="-c"` to skip linking.
// - "typecheck-then-warnings"
// Like "typecheck", but afterwards collects warnings like
// "normal-then-warnings".
// Please note that it is currently impossible to properly use a `-fno-code`
// build on a cabal project that links a shared library; it errors too early.
// (, cabal 1.16).
"auto_build_mode": "normal-then-warnings",
// Show output window on build/check/lint:
"show_output_window": true,
// Extra directories to be added to the front of the PATH environment variable.
// Specify this for using custom ghc, cabal, and ghc-mod
// Example: /home/user/.cabal/bin
"add_to_PATH": [],
// Use cabal-dev
"use_cabal_dev": false,
// Sandbox for cabal-dev
"cabal_dev_sandbox": "",
// Cabal-dev sandboxes
"cabal_dev_sandbox_list": [],
// Inhibit default Sublime word completions
"inhibit_completions": false,
// Replace data and class with snippet
"snippet_replace": true,
// Auto autocompletion popup on '.' in import list
"auto_completion_popup": false,
// Additional ghc options for use in ghc-mod and ModuleInspector, for example "-package ghc"
"ghc_opts": [],
// Enables hdevtools (it must be installed, cabal install hdevtools)
// See the add_to_PATH settings to specify a custom location.
"enable_hdevtools": true,
// hdevtools socket name or default
"hdevtools_socket": ""
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