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# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
import os
import os.path
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import copy
from threading import Thread
if int(sublime.version()) < 3000:
from sublime_haskell_common import *
from parseoutput import run_chain_build_thread
import autocomplete
import hsdev
from SublimeHaskell.sublime_haskell_common import *
from SublimeHaskell.parseoutput import run_chain_build_thread
import SublimeHaskell.autocomplete as autocomplete
import SublimeHaskell.hsdev as hsdev
OUTPUT_PANEL_NAME = "haskell_run_output"
build_tool = {
'cabal': {'command': 'cabal', 'name': 'cabal'},
'stack': {'command': 'stack', 'name': 'stack'}
def same_steps(steps):
return {'cabal': steps, 'stack': steps}
build_tool_config = {
'clean': {
'message': 'Cleaning',
'steps': same_steps([['clean']])
'configure': {
'message': 'Configuring',
'steps': {
'cabal': [['configure', '--enable-tests']],
'stack': []
'build': {
'message': 'Building',
'steps': same_steps([['build']])
'typecheck': {
'message': 'Checking',
'steps': same_steps([['build', '--ghc-options=-c']])
# Commands with warnings:
# Run fast, incremental build first. Then build everything with -Wall and -fno-code
# If the incremental build fails, the second step is not executed.
'build_then_warnings': {
'message': 'Building',
'steps': {
'cabal': [['build'], ['build', '-v0', '--ghc-options=-fforce-recomp -fno-code']],
'stack': [['build']] # FIXME: What commands to use?
'typecheck_then_warnings': {
'message': 'Checking',
'steps': {
'cabal': [['build', '--ghc-options=-c'], ['build', '-v0', '--ghc-options=-fforce-recomp -fno-code']],
'stack': [['build']] # FIXME: What command to use?
'rebuild': {
'message': 'Rebuilding',
'steps': {
'cabal': [['clean'], ['configure', '--enable-tests'], ['build']],
'stack': [['clean'], ['build']]
'install': {
'message': 'Installing',
'steps': {
'cabal': [['install', '--enable-tests']],
'stack': [['install']]
'test': {
'message': 'Testing',
'steps': same_steps([['test']])
# Contains names of projects currently being built.
# To be updated only from the UI thread.
projects_being_built = set()
# Base command
class SublimeHaskellBaseCommand(SublimeHaskellWindowCommand):
def build(self, command, filter_project = None):
lambda n, d: run_build(self.window.active_view(), n, d, build_tool_config[command]),
filter_project = filter_project)
def is_enabled(self):
return is_enabled_haskell_command(None, False)
def is_visible(self):
return is_enabled_haskell_command(None, False)
# Retrieve projects as dictionary that refers to this app instance
def get_projects():
if autocomplete.hsdev_agent_connected():
folders = sublime.active_window().folders()
view_files = [v.file_name() for v in sublime.active_window().views() if (is_haskell_source(v) or is_cabal_source(v)) and v.file_name()]
def npath(p):
return os.path.normcase(os.path.normpath(p))
def childof(c, p):
return npath(c).startswith(npath(p))
return dict((info['name'], info) for info in filter(
lambda p: any([childof(p['path'], f) for f in folders]) or any([childof(src, p['path']) for src in view_files]),
(autocomplete.hsdev_client.list_projects() or [])))
folder_files = [src for f in sublime.active_window().folders() for src in autocomplete.list_files_in_dir_recursively(f) if os.path.splitext(src)[1] in [".hs", ".cabal"]]
view_files = [v.file_name() for v in sublime.active_window().views() if (is_haskell_source(v) or is_cabal_source(v)) and v.file_name()]
src_files = list(map(lambda p: os.path.normcase(os.path.normpath(p)), folder_files + view_files))
active_projects = []
while src_files:
src = src_files.pop()
proj_dir, proj_name = get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_file(src)
if proj_dir:
active_projects.append((proj_name, proj_dir))
src_files = [f for f in src_files if not f.startswith(proj_dir)]
return dict((name, { 'name': name, 'path': path }) for name, path in active_projects)
# Select project from list
# on_selected accepts name of project and directory of project
# filter_project accepts name of project and project-info as it appears in AutoCompletion object
# and returns whether this project must appear in selection list
def select_project(window, on_selected, filter_project = None):
ps = [(name, info) for (name, info) in get_projects().items() if not filter_project or filter_project(name, info)]
def run_selected(psel):
on_selected(psel[0], psel[1]['path'])
if len(ps) == 0:
show_status_message("No projects found, did you add some .cabal file?", is_ok = False, priority = 5)
if len(ps) == 1: # There's only one project, build it
cabal_project_dir, cabal_project_name = get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_view(window.active_view())
log('Current project: {0}'.format(cabal_project_name))
# Sort by name
ps.sort(key = lambda p: p[0])
current_project_idx = next((i for i, p in enumerate(ps) if p[0] == cabal_project_name), -1)
def on_done(idx):
if idx != -1:
window.show_quick_panel(list(map(lambda m: [m[0], m[1]['path']], ps)), on_done, 0, current_project_idx)
def run_build(view, project_name, project_dir, config):
global projects_being_built
# Don't build if a build is already running for this project
# We compare the project_name for simplicity (projects with same
# names are of course possible, but unlikely, so we let them wait)
if project_name in projects_being_built:
log("Not building '%s' because it is already being built" % project_name, log_warning)
sublime_status_message('Already building %s' % project_name)
# Set project as building
is_stack = is_stack_project(project_dir)
build_tool_name = 'stack' if is_stack else 'cabal'
tool = build_tool[build_tool_name]
# Title of tool: Cabal, Stack
tool_title = tool['name']
# Title of action: Cleaning, Building, etc.
action_title = config['message']
# Tool name: cabal
tool_name = tool['command']
# Tool arguments (commands): build, clean, etc.
tool_steps = config['steps'][build_tool_name]
# Assemble command lines to run (possibly multiple steps)
commands = [[tool_name] + step for step in tool_steps]
log('running build commands: {0}'.format(commands), log_trace)
def done_callback():
# Set project as done being built so that it can be built again
# Run them
'{0} {1} with {2}'.format(action_title, project_name, tool_title),
# Default build system (cabal or cabal-dev)
class SublimeHaskellCleanCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'clean')
class SublimeHaskellConfigureCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'configure')
class SublimeHaskellBuildCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'build_then_warnings')
class SublimeHaskellTypecheckCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'typecheck_then_warnings')
class SublimeHaskellRebuildCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'rebuild')
class SublimeHaskellInstallCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):'install')
class SublimeHaskellTestCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):
def has_tests(name, info):
return len(info['tests']) > 0'test', filter_project = has_tests)
# Auto build current project
class SublimeHaskellBuildAutoCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):
current_project_dir, current_project_name = get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_view(self.window.active_view())
if current_project_name and current_project_dir:
build_mode = get_setting('auto_build_mode')
run_tests = get_setting('auto_run_tests')
build_command = {
'normal': 'build',
'normal-then-warnings': 'build_then_warnings',
'typecheck': 'typecheck',
'typecheck-then-warnings': 'typecheck_then_warnings',
if not build_command:
output_error(self.window, "SublimeHaskell: invalid auto_build_mode '%s'" % build_mode)
config = build_tool_config[build_command]
# TODO: Auto run tests
# if run_tests:
# has_tests = False
# projects = get_projects()
# if current_project_name in projects and 'description' in projects[current_project_name]:
# has_tests = len(projects[current_project_name]['description']['tests']) > 0
# if has_tests:
# config['steps'].extend(cabal_config['test']['steps'])
run_build(self.window.active_view(), current_project_name, current_project_dir, config)
class SublimeHaskellRunCommand(SublimeHaskellBaseCommand):
def run(self):
self.executables = []
ps = []
projects = get_projects()
for p, info in projects.items():
if 'description' in info:
for e in info['description']['executables']:
ps.append((p + ": " + e['name'], {
'dir': info['path'],
'name': info['name']
# Nothing to run
if len(ps) == 0:
sublime_status_message('Nothing to run')
cabal_project_dir, cabal_project_name = get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_view(self.window.active_view())
# Show current project first
ps.sort(key = lambda s: (not s[0].startswith(cabal_project_name), s[0]))
self.executables = list(map(lambda m: m[1], ps))
self.window.show_quick_panel(list(map(lambda m: m[0], ps)), self.on_done)
def on_done(self, idx):
if idx == -1:
selected = self.executables[idx]
name = selected['name']
base_dir = selected['dir']
bin_file = os.path.join(selected['dir'], 'dist', 'build', name, name)
# Run in thread
thread = Thread(
args=(name, bin_file, base_dir))
def run_binary(name, bin_file, base_dir):
with status_message_process('Running {0}'.format(name), priority = 5) as s:
exit_code, out, err = call_and_wait(bin_file, cwd=base_dir)
window = sublime.active_window()
if not window:
if exit_code == 0:
sublime.set_timeout(lambda: write_output(window, out, base_dir), 0)
sublime.set_timeout(lambda: write_output(window, err, base_dir), 0)
def write_output(window, text, base_dir, show_panel = True):
"Write text to Sublime's output panel."
output_view = output_panel(window, text, panel_name = OUTPUT_PANEL_NAME, show_panel = show_panel)
output_view.settings().set("result_base_dir", base_dir)
def hide_output(window):
window.run_command('hide_panel', {'panel': 'output.' + OUTPUT_PANEL_NAME})
def run_build_commands_with(msg, cmds):
"""Run general build commands"""
window, view, file_shown_in_view = get_haskell_command_window_view_file_project()
if not file_shown_in_view:
syntax_file_for_view = view.settings().get('syntax').lower()
if 'haskell' not in syntax_file_for_view:
cabal_project_dir, cabal_project_name = get_cabal_project_dir_and_name_of_view(view)
if not cabal_project_dir:
run_chain_build_thread(view, cabal_project_dir, msg(cabal_project_name), cmds)
def run_build_command_with(msg, cmd):
"""Run one command"""
run_build_commands_with(msg, [cmd])
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