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import re
import os
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
if int(sublime.version()) < 3000:
from sublime_haskell_common import *
import symbols
from SublimeHaskell.sublime_haskell_common import *
import SublimeHaskell.symbols as symbols
def parse_info(name, contents):
Parses result of :i <name> command of ghci and returns derived symbols.Declaration
functionRegex = '{0}\s+::\s+(?P<type>.*?)(\s+--(.*))?$'.format(name)
dataRegex = '(?P<what>(newtype|type|data))\s+((?P<ctx>(.*))=>\s+)?(?P<name>\S+)\s+(?P<args>(\w+\s+)*)=(\s*(?P<def>.*)\s+-- Defined)?'
classRegex = '(?P<what>class)\s+((?P<ctx>(.*))=>\s+)?(?P<name>\S+)\s+(?P<args>(\w+\s+)*)(.*)where$'
if name[0].isupper():
# data, class, type or newtype
matched =, contents, re.MULTILINE) or, contents, re.MULTILINE)
if matched:
what ='what')
args ='args').strip().split(' ') if'args') else []
ctx ='ctx')
definition ='def')
if definition:
if what == 'class':
return symbols.Class(name, ctx, args)
elif what == 'data':
return symbols.Data(name, ctx, args, definition)
elif what == 'type':
return symbols.Type(name, ctx, args, definition)
elif what == 'newtype':
return symbols.Newtype(name, ctx, args, definition)
raise RuntimeError('Unknown type of symbol: {0}'.format(what))
# function
matched =, contents, re.MULTILINE)
if matched:
return symbols.Function(name,'type'))
return None
def ghci_info(module, name, cabal = None):
Returns info for name as symbol
ghci_cmd = [
":m + " + module,
":i " + module + "." + name,
ghc_opts = get_setting_async('ghc_opts')
(exit_code, stdout, stderr) = call_and_wait_with_input(ghci_append_package_db(['ghci'] + ghc_opts, cabal = cabal), "\n".join(ghci_cmd))
stdout = crlf2lf(stdout)
if exit_code == 0:
return parse_info(name, stdout)
return None
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