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@@ -20,11 +20,12 @@ Autocomplete
* Get all the modules imported into the current file
* Somehow include Prelude and library functions
* Hard-coded? (.sublime-completions file)
-* List type (a -> b, data, newtype, class, ...) after each suggestion
-* Cache information extracted from each file
- * Create some general utility for caching and auto-updating per-file information in a directory tree
* Feature request: multiline tooltip next to the autocomplete list that shows details of the selected completion
+ * List type (a -> b, data, newtype, class, ...) for each suggestion
* Details: namespace, type, ...
+* Inspect modules asynchronously
+* Automatically inspect Haskell source files when they are opened
+* Do not re-inspect a file if it hasn't changed since its "collectedAt" time
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