The code linting framework for Sublime Text 3
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The code linting framework for Sublime Text 3. No linters included: get them via Package Control.


Settings are mostly documented in the default settings. When you open the SublimeLinter settings you'll see them on the left.

  • Additional information is in our docs at
  • Read about all the changes between 3 and 4 here.

Key Bindings

SublimeLinter comes with some pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. You can customize these via the Package Settings menu.

Command Linux & Windows MacOS
Lint this view CTRL + K, L CTRL + CMD + L
Show all errors CTRL + K, A CTRL + CMD + A
Goto next error CTRL + K, N CTRL + CMD + E
Goto prev error CTRL + K, P CTRL + CMD + SHIFT + E

Support & Bugs

Please use the debug mode and include all console output, and your settings in your bug report. If your issue is specific to a particular linter, please report it on that linter's repository instead.

Creating a linter plugin

Fork the template to get started on your plugin. It contains a howto with all the information you need.

If you use SublimeLinter and feel it is making your coding life better and easier, please consider making a donation for all the coffee and beer involved in this project. Thank you!

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