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The code linting framework for Sublime Text. No linters included: get them via Package Control.


Probably don't get fancy and just install SublimeLinter via Package Control. Refer for further information, but, spoiler!, usually you install SublimeLinter, the plugin you're currently looking at, some command line tools, these are the actual linters (e.g. eslint or flake8), and then some plugins/adapters between both. These are typically named after the linter and should be installed via Package Control as well, examples would be SublimeLinter-eslint or SublimeLinter-flake8.

By default, SublimeLinter will run in the background and most linters support this mode so you should get squiggles immediately.

Note that you find all commands we're installing using the Command Palette (ctrl+shift+P). Just search for SublimeLinter. You may find and/or useful.


Settings are documented in the default settings. Open the settings using the Command Palette (ctrl+shift+P) searching for Preferences: SublimeLinter Settings (mnemonic: sls).

When you open the SublimeLinter settings you'll see the defaults on the left or top. Usually that's all that is needed for end-users but some additional information is in our docs at

Key Bindings

SublimeLinter comes with some pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. You can customize these via the Package Settings menu.

Command Linux & Windows MacOS
Lint this view CTRL + K, L CTRL + CMD + L
Open diagnostics panel CTRL + K, A CTRL + CMD + A
Goto next error CTRL + K, N CTRL + CMD + E
Goto prev error CTRL + K, P CTRL + CMD + SHIFT + E

Take also a look at the default bindings because we document other commands and have usually some tricks in there too.

For example, it is very advisable to bind sublime_linter_quick_actions, e.g.

    // To trigger a quick action
    // { "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+f"],
    //   "command": "sublime_linter_quick_actions"
    // },

Quick Actions/Fixers

As we do just linting SublimeLinter naturally does not come with fixers and/or code formatters. However, we have a fixer API, see the Command Palette: SublimeLinter: Quick Action, and ship (mostly) "fix by ignoring" actions. These allow you to quickly ignore specific error messages inline and ad hoc.[1]

SublimeLinter currently ships actions for eslint, stylelint, flake8, mypy, shellcheck, codespell and phpcs.

Want to see actions for your favourite linter? Please open a PR with your addition to We have tests for them!

[1] Why this limitation though? Well it is usually easy to add a semicolon here and a space there, but the inline ignore rules and syntaxes are very cumbersome to type and to remember. And there is basically no project of any size where you don't have to ignore ad-hoc something somewhere once.

Support & Bugs

Yeah, totally! Often if it doesn't work, Sublime will have something in the console (View -> Show Console). Warnings will go there by default.

You can enable debug mode in the settings to get much more information about what's going on. Especially seeing the exact command and working dir SublimeLinter will use should be noted and helpful.

As some code only runs on startup, it is good practice to restart Sublime Text and to examine the console output for anything odd.

If your issue is specific to a particular linter, please report it on that linter's repository, otherwise open it right here.

Hack on it

Sure, you're welcome! Just clone the repository into your Packages folder (Preferences -> Browse Packages).

> git clone
> subl SublimeLinter

This will overrule the installed package straight away. Just delete the folder to reverse the process. The dev requirements can be read in the pyproject.toml file. Just use rye and install them:

> rye sync

Creating a linter plugin

Use the template to get started on your plugin. It contains a how-to with all the information you need. Refer to for more detailed information. Of course, take a look at a similar linter plugin and let it inspire you.

Also Support ❤️

SublimeLinter is the kind of software that needs active maintenance all the time. If you find SublimeLinter helpful and would like to show your appreciation, you can support its development by buying me a coffee! 😄☕️