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Is there a way already to do this?
Just like jshint reads the conf from .jshintrc?

aparajita closed this Jan 3, 2014

First, i'm really thankful for all the hard work you put on this software. It's was the missing piece keeping me from updating to Sublime 3.

Unfortunately i can't get the csslint to read my .csslintrc file, and it was working flawlessly in the last version.
Maybe this is not the right channel to ask this, since it's seems to be something misconfigured at my side, so there is a IRC channel or someone that could help me out fixing that little problem?

Thanks in advance, and keep up your good and hard work.


aparajita commented Jan 6, 2014

Please go to the SublimeLinter google group, follow the troubleshooting steps at the top, then make a post and fill out the question form. That will give us a much better idea of what might be going wrong.


aparajita commented Jan 12, 2014

@caiogondim Without more info as requested there isn't much I can do.

Hey, for me, it does read the .csslintrc file, but only if it's in the same folder as the file (which is what the CSSLint docs say), but, I think it's much more useful if we could get Sublimelinter-csslint to find the .csslintrc file in the root as well (similar to how jshint works with the .jshintrc file).

Is that possible?


aparajita commented Jan 21, 2014

There is nothing I can do about it, make a request to the csslint maintainers.

zxqfox commented May 15, 2014

File test.css

.cls {
  box-sizing: content-box;

File .csslintrc



$ csslint test.css

csslint: No errors in /home/alex/repos/worldcrisis/test.css.

But error still exists in sublime. ;-(

zxqfox commented May 15, 2014

SublimeLinter: csslint: popup.css ['C:\\Users\\alex\\AppData\\Roaming\\npm\\csslint.cmd', '--format=compact'] 

Seems like it needs working --config param for executable linter here


aparajita commented May 15, 2014

Yeah, as was mentioned earlier: CSSLint/csslint#449

Bug the csslint folks to implement it, nothing I can do about it on my end.

michaek commented Feb 10, 2017

@aparajita It appears that the --config option is released on csslint. That should open the door to allowing SublimeLinter-csslint to detect and use a .csslintrc in the project root, right?

Unfortunately, when I try --config with csslint 1.0.4 I'm currently getting a type error, so it may not be as attainable at it seems from the docs...

michaek commented Feb 10, 2017

It seems the CLI argument must use =, like csslint --config=.csslintrc. I do continue to get errors in the JSON syntax example linked from the docs, but this .csslintrc format does work with 1.0.4:

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