SublimeLinter plugin for JavaScript static type checking, using flow.
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This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to flow (0.1.0 or later), a static type checker for JavaScript. It will be used with files that have the "JavaScript" syntax.


SublimeLinter must be installed in order to use this plugin.

Please use Package Control to install the linter plugin.

Getting started with Flow

Please make sure that the path to flow is available to SublimeLinter. The docs cover troubleshooting PATH configuration.


Additional SublimeLinter-flow settings:

Setting Description
lib Add a path to your interface files. More info
show-all-errors It allows flow to output all errors instead of stopping at 50
executable Allows to specify the path to the flow executable
coverage Shows flow coverage warnings
all runs flow against all files regardless of @flow comment


At this moment, using all in a medium to big sized node.js project may cause a crash. It's recommended to use flow incrementally, one file at a time.