Default key binding conflicts with 'euro sign' key #182

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In a keyboard with Spanish layout (and I guess every european one?), when typing the euro sign (€), you use AltGr+E, which conflicts with the default binding of find_next_lint_error of SublimeLinter.

It's not a big problem, and can be worked around using AltGr+5 (another combination for the euro sign) or modifying the user key bindings, but it'd be nice if it didn't have this problem out of the box.

+1 same problem for me, just changed the "find_next_lint_error" key binding, but it will ok that think in change the default combination :)


@mitsurugi @martinml What binding did you change put in place?

Bindings are hard; there will always be another (app or plugin or os) cmd that conflicts. I do understand the annoyance of something that might come up as often as the euro sign. If we change bindings we will have to ensure we are not trading for something more annoying (for another group of users). Also, the existing binding would have to be supported for a transitionary period (so we don't annoy all the SL users ;)

As i started to work recently with that SublimeLinter , i chose to comment the line and avoid the usage of this option.

As you say, it's difficult to establish a new binding and avoid conflicts with others. Maybe a good option will be to put in the README file the bindings that Package uses and a warning telling the bindings may cause conflicts with other Packages or defaults.

Is something easy to edit for all the users the bindings, and those will be a reminder for the users (if they use to read the README)


I think that is a good compromise :)

At Iast i changed to


Added info to docs in the dev branch. Will go w/ the next release.

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