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// Set to true to print extra information in the console.
"debug": false,
// When in the "background" lint mode, this value determines
// the minimum delay before a request is send to the linter
"delay": 0.1,
// Available gutter themes:
// - Blueberry Cross
// - Blueberry Round
// - Circle
// - Danish Royalty
// - Default
// - Hands
// - Knob
// - Knob Symbol
// - Koloria
// - ProjectIcons
// Note that you may need to change the "icon" property in "styles"
// to an icon in the theme (they usually include "warning" and "error")
"gutter_theme": "Default",
// Demote the visibility of a class off errors while you're editing.
// The errors will re-appear after `time_to_idle` and immediately on save.
// - ws_only: erroneous regions that contain only whitespace
// - some_ws: erroneous regions that contain *some* whitespace
// - multilines: multiline errors
// - warnings: errors of the "warning" type
// - all: demote all the things
// - none: disable this feature
"highlights.demote_while_editing": "none",
// Apply a color (via scope) to the demoted errors.
// E.g. "" will hide the errors, "comment" is usually a subtle color.
"highlights.demote_scope": "",
// How long to wait before showing the demoted errors again.
// Tip: A big value like 3600 will essentially hide the regions until
// you save the buffer.
"highlights.time_to_idle": 1.5,
// Set to true to start the highlights hidden. Use the command
// "SublimeLinter: Toggle Highlights" to toggle the highlights
"highlights.start_hidden": false,
// Send a "terminate" signal to old lint processes, if their result would
// be thrown away. If false we fire-and-forget processes instead.
"kill_old_processes": true,
// Lint Mode determines when the linter is run.
// - background: asynchronously on every change
// - load_save: when a file is opened and every time it's saved
// - manual: only when calling the Lint This View command
// - save: only when a file is saved
"lint_mode": "background",
// Linter specific settings.
// More info:
// Linter specific settings except for 'styles' can also be changed
// in sublime-project settings.
// What settings are available is documented in the readme of the
// specific linter plugin.
// Example:
"linters": {
// The name of the linter you installed
"linter_name": {
// Disables the linter. The default here is 'not set'
"disable": false,
// Additional arguments for the command line. Either a string
// or an array. If set to a string, we 'shlex.split' it*.
// E.g. '--ignore D112' or ['--config', './.config/foo.ini']
// * Note: Use proper quoting around paths esp. on Windows!
"args": [],
// Path to the executable to be used. Either a string or an
// array. E.g. ['nvm', 'exec', '8.6', 'eslint']
"executable": "<automatically set>",
// A modified runtime environment for the lint job. Settings here
// override the default, inherited ENV.
"env": {},
// Exclude files that match the given pattern(s).
"excludes": [],
// Suppress errors that match the the given pattern(s).
// Either a 'string' or an 'array'. Each input string is handled as
// a case-insensitive regex pattern and matched against the
// error_type, code, and message. If it matches, the error will be
// thrown away.
// E.g. ["warning: ", "W3\d\d: ", "missing <!DOCTYPE> declaration"]
"filter_errors": [],
// Lint mode determines when the linter is run. The linter setting
// will take precedence over the global setting.
"lint_mode": "manual",
// Determines for which views this linter will run.
"selector": "",
// A list of additional style definition blocks.
"styles": [
// Instead of 'types' you can specify error 'codes' for
// a style definition block
"codes": [""]
// The current working dir the lint job will run in.
"working_dir": "",
// **Only valid for PythonLinter**
// Specify which python to use. Either a number or full path
// to a python binary. SL will then basically use 'python -m'
// to run the linter.
"python": 3,
// **Only valid for NodeLinter**
// If true, will *not* use a globally installed binary
"disable_if_not_dependency": false
// Determines what happens when a linter reports a problem without column.
// By default, a mark is put in the gutter and the first character is highlighted.
// If this setting is true, the entire line is also highlighted.
"no_column_highlights_line": false,
// Provide extra paths to be searched when locating system executables.
"paths": {
"linux": [],
"osx": [],
"windows": []
// Show a report for problems on a line by hovering over the gutter.
"show_hover_line_report": true,
// Show a report for problems on a region by hovering over it.
"show_hover_region_report": true,
// Highlight problems in the minimap.
"show_marks_in_minimap": true,
// Show the output panel on save if there are problems.
// - window: check if the window has problems.
// - view: only check the current file.
// - never: disable this feature.
"show_panel_on_save": "never",
// DEPRECATED: Not in use! Remove the setting from your User settings
// to avoid future warnings.
"statusbar.counters_template": "",
// Show the messages for problems at your cursor position.
// - {message} will be replaced by the actual messages.
// - {linter} will be replaced by the linter reporting the error.
// - {type} will be replaced by either warning or error.
// - {code} will be replaced by the error code.
// Set to "" to display nothing
"statusbar.messages_template": "{message}",
"statusbar.show_active_linters": true,
// Global styles for all linters.
// Note: Styles can also be specified per linter! See above.
// Only for linter-styles, there is one more setting:
// - codes:
// An array which can contain error codes provided by a linter.
// Only valid as linter style in the "linters" section
// The styles list form a stack evaluated top-down. We call each object
// herein a style definition. A style definition must match a specific
// linter error, either its code or its error type, to take any effect.
// The default styles cannot be overriden per se, you extend them
// in your user settings. The defaults can be read as "All linter problems
// are red, outline, dots, but warnings are yellow."
"styles": [
// Used to determine the color. E.g. region.<colorish>, with one of
// redish, orangish, yellowish, greenish, bluish, purplish, pinkish.
"scope": "region.yellowish markup.warning.sublime_linter",
// The error type this style definition will match for.
// An array which can contain "warning" and/or "error".
// If omitted will match both.
"types": ["warning"]
// Determines, for overlapping errors, which one is visualised.
"priority": 1,
// The icon displayed in the gutter area
// - "circle", "dot" or "bookmark"
// - "none" to remove the icon
// - A path to an icon file like
// "Packages/SublimeLinter/gutter-themes/Blueberry Cross/error.png"
// - One provided by a gutter theme (e.g. "warning" or "error").
// In theme Default: warning, error, cog, x,
// and diamond, heart, pointer, square, star, triangle, which all
// also have an -outline variant.
"icon": "dot",
// The highlight style:
// - "none"
// - "fill", "outline",
// - "solid_underline", "squiggly_underline", "stippled_underline"
// In ST < 4074 the underline styles are replaced with outlines when
// there is whitespace in the problem region (ST issue #137).
// In newer versions underlines are replaced with outlines when
// there are newlines in the problem region for readability.
"mark_style": "outline",
"scope": "region.redish markup.error.sublime_linter"
// DEPRECATED: use the selector linter setting instead:
// Maps variant syntaxes to the syntax that you have a linter for.
// The syntax is the name of the syntax definition file, in lower case
// Run this in the console to find it: view.settings().get('syntax').lower()
"syntax_map": {
"html (django)": "html",
"html (rails)": "html",
"html 5": "html",
"javascript (babel)": "javascript",
"magicpython": "python",
"php": "html",
"python django": "python",
"pythonimproved": "python"