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In-progress surround plugin for Six
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Surround – The First Sublime Six Plugin

This plugin is functional but under constant development.

The surround plugin adds a few commands to opearte on delimiters. For example, given the following line (where ^ denotes the caret)

one "two" three

the command cs"' would produce

one 'two' three

Similarly, ds" would produce

one two three


Six needs to find this plugin to register it. To make it happen:

  1. Copy the .py files in this repo to Packages/User/six
  2. Create a file in Packages/User (the file name doesn't really matter)

Now include in it something like the sample file.

Developing Surround

First, clone this repository:

$ git clone

Install pipenv if you don't have it yet:

$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install pipenv

Create a virtual environment to develop Surround in:

$ cd path/to/this/repo
$ pipenv install

Activate the virtual environment:

$ pipenv shell

Now your new virtual environment should be ready. You can check which python interpreter is being used for confirmation:

$ which python # Unix
$ where.exe python # Windows
$ gcm python | slo source # PowerShell

Surround strives to conform to Python's PEP8 code style guidelines and delegates code formatting to a tool.

Here's the list of the main code analyzers used:

  • yapf
  • flake8
  • pylint

Running the Test Suite

To run the tests, you need to install the following requirements:

  • UnitTesting package (via PackageControl)

Then, you need to copy the unittesting.json file in this repostitory to Packages/User. This is required so that UnitTesting can find the tests under Packages/User/six/tests.

When you run the tests in UnitTesting, give it the User package name.


The surround plugin is a port of vim surround.

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