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Powerful Markdown package for Sublime Text with better syntax understanding and good color schemes.


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Markdown plugin for Sublime Text



  • useful Markdown editing features for Sublime Text
  • color schemes optimized for writing
  • robust syntax definitions for
    • Standard Markdown
    • Github flavored Markdown
    • MultiMarkdown

Please visit User Guide to learn more about the full set of features and how to use them.


Folding and Navigation

  • displays headings in Goto Symbol...
  • displays headings in Goto Symbol in Project...
  • fold current section
  • fold by heading levels
  • navigate between adjacent headings with Find Next/Previous Heading command.



  • At the end of a list item, pressing Enter will automatically insert the new list item bullet.
  • Pressing Tab on the blank list item will indent it and switch the list bullet to another one (Order is *, -, + in a cycle).
  • Pressing Shift + Tab on the blank list item will unindent it in the same way as above.
  • Sequential Tab s or Shift Tab s are supported.
  • You can disable automatic bullet switching or choose which bullets to be used, in your settings file (mde.list_indent_bullets).
  • If a list item contains a GFM Task, pressing
    • Enter at the end of the line continues with a new blank task.
    • Alt+X in the line toggles the check mark.


  • At the end of a blockquote line, pressing Enter will automatically extend blockquote.
  • Selecting some text and pressing > will convert it to blockquote. The first and the last line don't have to be fully selected; partial select works, too.

Critic Markup

  • Syntax highlighting for inline critic markup
    • {++ addition ++}
    • {>> comment <<}
    • {-- deletion --}
    • {== highlight==}{>> comment <<}
    • {~~ substitution ~> by ~~}
  • Reviewers can add critic via key bindings
  • Authors can accept or reject critic via key bindings

Links and References

  • Left bracket pairing is modified to eliminate the selection and leave the cursor at a point where you can insert a [] or () pair for a link.
  • URL part of images, links and references is automatically folded if caret is not within brackets
  • Convert inline links to references
  • Jump between definitions and references
  • Organize references
  • Add or remove footnotes

Text Formatting

  • Asterisks (*), backticks (`) and underscores (_) are auto-paired and wrap selected text
  • ~ wraps selected text with ~~ (strike-through)
  • Backspace deletes an empty pair
  • Space or Tab deletes right element of empty pair of asterisks or underscores




MarkdownEditing was originally created by Brett Terpstra and has become a community project with the goal of consolidating the best features from the varied collection of Markdown packages for Sublime Text.

Related blog posts from Brett:

Development was headed by Ali Ayas and Felix Hao until early 2021.

Current development is headed up by DeathAxe.

This plugin contains portions of code from Knockdown.

Footnote commands were submitted by J. Nicholas Geist and originated at geekabouttown.


MarkdownEditing is released under the MIT License.