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Help. The interface is broken.

Problem Description

Tabs are overlapping. Text is distorted. The sidebar is broken. Colors are wrong. What happened?


Sublime Text's interface is completely customizable. Everything is controlled through a sublime-theme file. A fresh copy of Sublime Text comes with a file called Default.sublime-theme located in the User directory (Preferences > Browse Packages); however, you may find yourself installing user-made theme files down the road.
So how does this tie in to the problem? Something is wrong with either your theme file or your preferences files.
  • Check your preferences file (Preferences > Settings - Default or Preferences > Settings - User). To make sure that your theme is set, look for the following::
    "theme": "Default.sublime-theme"

Check to see there is a missing comma, incorrect spelling, or syntax issue. Remember, every parameter in the Preferences file needs a comma at the end (excluding the last one). * If there is nothing wrong with the preferences file, then the problem lies in the theme-file. Your best option to restore the theme file is to do a fresh install (Revert Instructions) All is not lost though. If you simply take the new fresh Theme - Default file and copy it back into your Packages directory, you should be able to continue your coding endeavors right where you left off.

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