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// Default LaTeXTools Preferences file
// DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Copy it to your Packages/User folder and modify that copy.
// Keep focus on Sublime Text after building (true) or switch to PDF viewer (false)
"keep_focus": true,
// Sync PDF to current editor position after building (true) or not
"forward_sync": true,
// Settings that are specific to Linux platforms
"linux": {
// Command to invoke Python 2. Useful if you have both Python 2 and Python 3 on your system,
// and "python" by default is liked to Python 3. If blank, "python" is used
"python2": "",
// The name of the ST2 executable. On Ubuntu, both subl and sublime-text are available;
// adjust as needed for other platforms
"sublime": "sublime-text",
// How long to wait after evince has launched before sending a sync message
// in seconds, floating point; choose 2.0 or 3.0 on a slower machine, 0.5 on a fast one
// Note: only tweak this if sync after launching the PDF viewer does not seem to work,
// or if the PDF viewer opens instantly and you don't want to wait.
// Default: 1.5 (works on my MBP4,1...)
"sync_wait": 1.5
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