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LaTeXTools Plugin version 2012-10-11 changelog:
New features:
- On TeXlive-based platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac), use the "-cd" option to
tell latexmk to first cd to the directory containing each source file before
running pdflatex on it. This should help with paths containing non-ASCII
characters on some platforms/locales. It also leaves more space for error messages
in the output panel after a build. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THS CAUSES PROBLEMS!
Bugs fixed:
- Robustified get_tex_root
- Cite completion: old-style edge case ("cite" without "_") invoked with old-
style keybinding led to weird editor behavior.
- Display error dialog if no bib file found, when cite completion is invoked
using the new-style keybinding (can't do it for old-style keybindings).
- Display error dialog if ref/cite command cannot be properly dispatched
using the new-style keybindings; this is when the user enters "ref" or "cite"
without "_".
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