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# ST2/ST3 compat
from __future__ import print_function
import sublime
if sublime.version() < '3000':
# we are on ST2 and Python 2.X
_ST3 = False
_ST3 = True
import os.path, re
import codecs
# Parse magic comments to retrieve TEX root
# Stops searching for magic comments at first non-comment line of file
# Returns root file or current file or None (if there is no root file,
# and the current buffer is an unnamed unsaved file)
# Contributed by Sam Finn
def get_tex_root(view):
root = os.path.abspath(view.settings().get('TEXroot'))
if os.path.isfile(root):
print("Main file defined in project settings : " + root)
return root
texFile = view.file_name()
root = texFile
if texFile is None:
# We are in an unnamed, unsaved file.
# Read from the buffer instead.
if view.substr(0) != '%':
return None
reg = view.find(r"^%[^\n]*(\n%[^\n]*)*", 0)
if not reg:
return None
line_regs = view.lines(reg)
lines = map(view.substr, line_regs)
is_file = False
# This works on ST2 and ST3, but does not automatically convert line endings.
# We should be OK though.
lines =, "r", "UTF-8")
is_file = True
for line in lines:
if not line.startswith('%'):
# We have a comment match; check for a TEX root match
mroot = re.match(r"%\s*!TEX\s+root *= *(.*(tex|TEX))\s*$",line)
if mroot:
# we have a TEX root match
# Break the match into path, file and extension
# Create TEX root file name
# If there is a TEX root path, use it
# If the path is not absolute and a src path exists, pre-pend it
root =
if not os.path.isabs(root) and texFile is not None:
(texPath, texName) = os.path.split(texFile)
root = os.path.join(texPath,root)
root = os.path.normpath(root)
if is_file: # Not very Pythonic, but works...
return root
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