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# ST2/ST3 compat
from __future__ import print_function
import sublime
if sublime.version() < '3000':
# we are on ST2 and Python 2.X
_ST3 = True
_ST3 = False
import sublime_plugin
import re
# Insert LaTeX command based on current word
# Position cursor inside braces
class latexcmdCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit, **args):
view = self.view
# Workaround: env* and friends trip ST2 up because * is a word boundary,
# so we search for a word boundary
# Code is similar to (should prbly factor out)
point = view.sel()[0].b
line = view.substr(sublime.Region(view.line(point).a, point))
line = line[::-1]
# Stop at space, {,[,( or $
rex = re.compile(r"([^\s\{\[\(\$]*)\s?\{?")
expr = re.match(rex, line)
if expr:
command =[::-1]
command_region = sublime.Region(point-len(command),point)
view.erase(edit, command_region)
# Be forgiving and skip \ if the user provided one (by mistake...)
bslash = "" if command[0] == '\\' else "\\\\"
snippet = bslash + command + "{$1} $0"
view.run_command("insert_snippet", {'contents': snippet})
sublime.status_message("LATEXTOOLS INTERNAL ERROR: could not find command to expand")
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