Adds on_pre_click and on_post_click callbacks to Sublime Text's plugin API.
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MouseEventListener adds two new callbacks to Sublime Text 2's plugin API:

  • on_pre_click({'event': {'x': screen_x, 'y': screen_y, 'button': button}})
  • on_post_click(text_point)

An important thing to note is that the selection is modified not once but twice in between on_pre_mouse_down and on_post_mouse_down—this is done to determine the text_point of the click, as Sublime Text 2 has no API to translate a screen x and y into a text_point other than by calling drag_select and seeing where the selection ends up.

A second important thing to note is that mouse-up currently cannot be captured using Sublime Text 2's API. Hopefully this will be added in the future. However, this means that drags cannot be detected! other than perhaps by carefully monitoring the selection as it changes and just guessing. Additionally, on_selection_modified fires on mouse up in most cases.


This plugin is available through Package Control, which is available here:

As far as I know, Package Control does not handle dependencies, so if you depend on this package you may have to mention installing it in your install instructions.