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CodeDoc is a Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to speedup writing documenting comments.

Currently, PhpDoc for PHP is supported, therefore CodeDoc is renamed to PhpDoc until support of other documentation types is added (if ever).

To use, just type in /** on the line right before class or function declaration, and then invoke auto-completion (with e.g. ctrl+space). This will get you a template for starters, with some values pre-filled on the fly (such as function arguments list). All common documenting keys are also available for manual input.

On some systems you have to fiddle a bit to find the auto-completion key. If it's not working on your system, just type /** and choose Edit->Show Completions. In the menu, in front of the item it will be the key combination for the auto-completion (e.g. ctrl+space, alt+/, etc)