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Switch between namespaced class and spec #15

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I have namespaced controller like Admin::BlahController and when I try to go to its spec using CMD + . shortcut I ended up in just BlahController spec, not BlahController from admin folder.


I see, when I added specs for both controllers I get selectbox for choosing in which file to go.

But is it a good behavior when admin controller leads to not namespaced controller spec? Anyways I close the issue.

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@makaroni4 what do you mean when you added specs for both? Through what interface? What if you have already created the controllers? This still seems to be an issue to me.


@parkeryoung I am sorry for such a long answer.

With created controllers and specs for them when I hit CMD + . to navigate from controller to its spec I get select box for choosing in what spec file I should be navigated – to the namespaced one in specific folder or to one in spec/controllers folder. I think that there should be no select because there is no ambiguity – spec for namespaced controller should be in namespace folder.

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Hmm, interesting, I would like to know exactly what your file structure is like, because I don't get that choice as far as I can tell.

The file structure is as such.


And it doesn't give me any kind of choice.

In reality it doesn't even need to mess with namespace, I would think that it should just go by the path. So you would put the admin specs in the specs/admin directory, or however your particular setup was.


@parkeryoung the structure is like you describe, so here is the proof:


As you can see I have select box for choosing spec file. And package control says that there is no packages for update. I have the latest Sublime Text 2 v2.0.1 build 2217

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Hi @makaroni4 , this should be resolved by e8894d9
Not sure if you still care :) Thanks for reporting.

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