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Sublime Text plugin to quickly revert to a preferred font size

Revert Font Size package for Sublime Text Build Status

Helper plugin to quickly revert user's font size value. Can be executed via keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0 (or Super+0 for OS X).


  • Sublime Text 2

    • To start using this package, configure it by adding the revert_font_size key to your user preferences (Preferences >> Settings - User) or by invoking the Set the Value for Revert Font Size command.
  • Sublime Text 3

    • No additional work needed, the revert_font_size setting will be created automatically on initial load.


  • "revert_font_size": {font size}

Example ../User/Preferences.sublime-settings file:

    "font_face": "Source Code Pro",
    "font_size": 14.0,
    "revert_font_size": 12.0

Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Windows OS X Linux
Revert Font Size Ctrl+0 Super+0 Ctrl+0
Set the Value for Revert Font Size Ctrl+Shift+0 Super+Shift+0 Ctrl+Shift+0
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