Syntax definition for RTF files in Sublime Text 3


Syntax definition for RTF files in Sublime Text 3, so they can be highlighted by your color scheme.


  • Syntax definition for RTF files, so that the following can be highlighted by your color scheme:
    • braces
    • control words
    • numeric parameters
    • control symbols
    • bookmarks
    • fields
    • special characters

Also it is possible to see the bookmarks in the document, and jump to them, using Sublime Text's Goto Symbol functionality.

Syntax highlighting and Goto Symbol in action


The recommended way to install the Sublime Text RTF syntax is via Package Control. Package Control will install the plugin on your system and keep it up to date.

  1. Ensure Package Control is installed.
  2. In Sublime Text, open the Preferences menu, and select Package Control.
  3. Select Package Control: Install Package.
  4. Start typing RichTextFormat. When you see it, select it.
  5. Wait for it to install.
  6. Re-open any open RTF files, or set their syntax to RTF manually.
  7. Enjoy!

Color Scheme - Scopes

This package follows the conventions set out in the official ST3 scope naming documentation. Some color schemes won't color punctuation by default, so you may want to tweak it or request that the author of the color scheme tweak it - because there aren't many distinct token types in RTF files, and braces are important - highlighting them in a different color can make the documents much more readable!


  • text.rtf punctuation.section curly braces ({)
  • text.rtf punctuation.separator semi-colons (;)