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// Trailing Spaces' default settings.
// In order to tweak the settings, you should NOT edit this file, but instead
// the user-specific, empty-by-default version under "Preferences / Package
// Settings / Trailing Spaces / Settings - User".
// See Trailing Spaces' README for detailed instructions.
// By default, Trailing Spaces is "live". It means the trailing spaces
// regions will be matched in the background, and highlighted if a color
// scope is defined, when the document is opened and edited.
// Set to false to disable live matching and highlighting (the deletion
// command remains available, so-called "lazy matching").
"trailing_spaces_enabled" : true,
// Highlight color is specified as a scope. You may define and use a custom
// scope to better fit your colorscheme. A value of empty string "" will
// make highlights invisible.
"trailing_spaces_highlight_color" : "invalid",
// By default, empty lines are cleared as well when calling the deletion
// command.
// Set to false to ignore empty lines upon deletion.
"trailing_spaces_include_empty_lines" : true,
// By default, the line being currently edited will have its trailing
// spaces highlighted.
// Set to false to ignore trailing spaces on the edited line.
"trailing_spaces_include_current_line" : true,
// By default, trailing spaces are deleted within the whole document.
// Set to true to affect only the lines you edited since last save.
// Trailing spaces will still be searched for and highlighted in the whole
// document.
"trailing_spaces_modified_lines_only": false,
// By default, nothing happens on save.
// Set to true to trim trailing spaces before saving, with respect to the
// other settings.
"trailing_spaces_trim_on_save": false,
// By default, deleting trailing spaces does not cause the document to be
// saved.
// Set to true to force saving after trailing spaces have been deleted.
// This setting is irrelevant and will be ignored if trim_on_save is true.
"trailing_spaces_save_after_trim": false,
// Highlighting will be disabled if the edited file's size is larger than
// this.
// Adjust the value (in number of chars) to whatever fits your performance.
"trailing_spaces_file_max_size" : 1048576,
// By default, only simple spaces and tabs are matched as "trailing spaces".
"trailing_spaces_regexp": "[ \t]+"
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