Find/Replace in Files broken under WinXP 32bit #29

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Under Windows XP 32bit, the Replace functionality over several files is broken. Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a folder with several files conaining the word foo
  • Open the "Find in Files" panel
  • Find: foo, Where: Open files and folders, Replace: bar
  • Click Replace

A dialog appears for confirming the replace (the numer of occurances is shown correctly). Upon clicking OK, nothings happens. The expected behaviour from previous versions is that all relevant files are opened with the replacements done.


FichteFoll commented Apr 30, 2013

Works for me on 7x64. Can anyone confirm this on XP? Seems like a weird issue.


titoBouzout commented May 1, 2013

Also check the console if there is some error message.

muellerj commented May 2, 2013

No relevant output in the console. The only output I get is

Theme - Soda
Package Control: No updated packages
Unable to auto detect encoding, using fallback encoding Western (Windows 1252)
Unable to auto detect encoding, using fallback encoding Western (Windows 1252)

I have the exact same problem and confirm this bug in WinXP SP3 x86 ST3 Build 3033. The "Replace" functionality in "Find in Files" is broken.

With multiple files open - when I do "Find in Files" and try to do a replace operation - it successfully finds the matches and asks "Replace 5 occurrences across 5 files"? I hit OK - but nothing gets replaced. It is able to find the matches, but is not replacing them.

There is no unusual output in console.

@muellerj - are you using ST2 or ST3 and which build? ST3 changelog shows "ST3 Build 3006 - Significantly improved Replace All performance" - perhaps this bug was introduced then?

I'm using ST3 build 3038 in WinXP.

it is probably same as #53, the XP fall back ok cancel dialog had a bug that stopped the results from being returned correctly. Has been fixed in 3038


FichteFoll commented Jun 14, 2013

I don't think so if @muellerj is using 3038 and still has this issue. Maybe with 3040?

I didn't have time to check yesterday, but the problem is fixed as of 3038. I'm closing this issue.

muellerj closed this Jun 14, 2013

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