All files and folders missing in Sidebar #62

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lenntt commented Jun 12, 2013

The bug has been reported here:

There seems to be a problem for (some?) Mac and Linux users with the Sidebar
not showing any files.

Seen in:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
  • OSX
  • Windows 7 64 bit - portable

This bug did not occur in build 3021 first seen in 3033 and latest version I have tried is 3047.

Not seeing any files in the sidebar makes the current builds unusable for me.

I don't know what other info could be relevant, so if there's anything I can add, please let me know.

Edit by @FichteFoll:

Screenshot from duplicate #464:

Workaround: #62 (comment)

I'm having similar sidebar problems in Ubuntu 13.04 64bit.

I see often the root folders, or sometimes I only see the project folder, or sometimes none.

If I try to expand a folder, the icon changes and nothing else seems to happen. If I resize the sidebar after doing so, I can see the text from the expanded folder overlapping the other folders in the root directory.

lenntt commented Aug 12, 2013

@ShawnMcCool That is indeed my problem too.

tried 3052, still having the same issue

lenntt commented Aug 14, 2013

@ShawnMcCool Can you try to reinstall Package Control with the latest version and upgrade Theme - Soda (in case you use them?) This solved it for me.

lenntt commented Sep 3, 2013

Its not solved, it just doesnt happen always anymore at a clean startup. It seems to be caused after switching project now.

I have the same issue as ShawnMcCool on Windows 7 64bits with a portable installation of ST3 Build 3047.

It happens usually after switching project, and sometimes persist after closing and restarting ST3.
In the latter case, removing the file Data/Local/Session.sublime_session resolve the issue, at the cost of losing all history, opened files, etc.

lenntt commented Sep 19, 2013

That sounds as the exact same issue like i have. now that we have noticed this bug at 3 different OSs, I think we can conclude this might be a serious thing, not OS-dependant.

Could it possibly be caused by a package (perhaps a theme?) somehow?

I was able to resolve it (at least temporarily) by opening a new workspace, which might be similar to deleting the session file.

rpardee commented Dec 18, 2013

Encountering this for the first time in ST3 build 3059 on win7 64-bit portable install.

r-owen commented Jan 16, 2014

I have had the same problem (including in ST3 build 3059) on MacOS. I first saw it when switching from ST2 to ST3 beta. As a workaround I've found that deleting my workspace files allows me to open the associated project files without problem. But it'd be nice if the code was more robust about handling workspace files it doesn't like.

having this issue with all sidebar extentions disabled and in build 3059

Driving me nuts, I suspect it is something in the projects functionality since I never had this issue EVER prior to me deciding I was going to start using the projects functionality in order to be more organised.

r-owen commented Feb 21, 2014

Maddening, isn't it? My projects keep losing their files. In most cases I can just delete the workspace file and it starts working again, but in one case I had to generate a new project file.

danmuel commented Apr 14, 2014

I also encountered this bug in ST3 build 3059 on Win 7 64-bit portable. Deleting the workspace file seems to work around the issue for me.

NotSqrt commented Apr 24, 2014

Just encountered this bug.

I think I know what happens:
If a project is opened in SublimeText 2, then in SublimeText 3, the workspace file may have become incompatible !

r-owen commented Apr 24, 2014

I don't think it's as simple as ST2 vs ST3 because I never run SublimeText 2, yet some of my projects still get corrupted. Nonetheless, I did see it more when I was transitioning from ST2 to ST3, so it does appear to be one cause. I synch those files between home and work and I wonder if that somehow contributes (though my config is the same in both places). I should probably exclude those files from synch.

It would be great if ST3 could recognize a corrupt workspace file and rebuild it, instead of silently failing in this awkward way. I also wish ST3 would save its workspace files someplace else, as that would make it easier and safer to synch and share project files.

I’ve found what triggers this, and how to keep it from happening.

This issue seems to be related to the View > Side Bar > Hide/Show Open Files option, which is stored in the project workspace file.

When you switch between projects where this option is set differently (i.e. switch from a project with Show Open Files selected to a different project with Hide Open Files selected), the workspace (and the sidebar file display) becomes corrupt.

The work-around is to make sure that all of your projects are configured either to Hide Open Files or Show Open Files in the sidebar. As long as you don’t mix the two, your workspace should never become corrupt.

zessx commented Jun 4, 2014

👍 for @sentience work-around.

This bug is very troublesome, and the fix should not be too complex to be created.

I suffer too.
Ubuntu 14.04 and ST3 Build 3059

endorama commented Aug 4, 2014


In my case I can't show the sidebar if the "Show open files" option is not active. Plus deleting both the workspace and the session file hasn't produced any positive effect.


I'm not able to open the side bar in sublime text 3 in ubuntu 14.4 too.

👏 👍 Thanks @sentience for the workaround, this bug was driving me nuts!!

I only started having this issue with the recent release that added icons into the sidebar. Would be really great to have this fixed.

like @jpsandiego, I have also only just started having this issue with the latest update (Build 3065, Windows 7 32bit, ST3 Portable) and the added icons.

It happens after switching Projects. However, I can get the folder/file list to show again just by hitting the Alt key, but this isn't a permanent workaround as I then get lots of garbage as I open/close sub-folders...


I've had the same problem, ST3 (never used ST2 on this machine) on Mac OS 10.9.2. Sometimes no files are listed. Other times it does this:
screenshot 2014-10-14 17 16 58

Plugins don't seem relevant, and it happens a lot more on large projects. Closing the app, waiting a minute, and reopening usually helps for a while.

Getting back into graphics programming this reminds me of what happens when the graphics buffer is not cleared before drawing the next frame. The canvas might have been restored from ?cache? and then drawn on without clearing it first.


FichteFoll commented Oct 20, 2014

In spirit of #372, does the sidebar get redrawn if you resize the window?

It redraws, but not necessarily correctly. Creating a new workspace seems to fix it temporarily, switching projects seems to trigger it (but not consistently).

Also having same issue on Fedora 21, Build 3065 x64.

I've been deleting the workspace/project files and re-creating them... but it's a real pain in the ass as I switch between projects many times during the day.

To those who still seem to be wrestling with this, the clean workaround is documented above in SublimeText#62 (comment).

@sentience I'm not sure that you're workaround consistently addresses the issue. It seems it addresses the visibility of the top level folders being drawn. I can get the top level folders to view, but I can't open or manipulate anything at a lower level. Look at the screen shot that @whatisjasongoldstein posted above.

This is a blocker bug for ST3, I'm gonna drop back to ST2 and keep an eye on this issue.

I'm not sure when this manifested, I just started noticing it about a week ago when I jumped over to Fedora 21. I was using build 3065 before that though and didn't notice this in Fedora 20. I assume due to the other OS(s) being reported in the issue that distro-moving didn't create the issue for me.

On ST3, on OSX, Simply resizing the sidebar to a different width causes the files to all display as expected. Just FYI.

The fix for me was to set all projects to Hide Open Files. No additional problems so far.

None of the fixes in this thread work for me :(

This is maddening. I have to hit "refresh folders" at EVERY level of the folder tree to see anything!

Same issue - had to reinstall and remove/backup (WARNING: don't do this as you'll lose all your customizations) the "C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3" folder to make it go away. After installing if I replace the complete "...Roaming\Sublime Text 3" folder with the backup copy the issue would come back, so it looks like some corruption of the files in this folder.

Cannot expand folders on ST3 when 'show open files' is disabled. Enabling and re-opening the project seems to be an effective workaround.

Pei-Lun commented Feb 27, 2015

I had same issue and solve it by the method provided by @alexforencich.

I had the sidebar problem too. I fix it by removing SibarEnhancement package.

Talv commented Mar 27, 2015

Still not fixed in build 3083. Can confirm that it's related to 'show open files'.

@randy3k I'm using Project Manager and I still get this issue when switching projects (or even loading them manually via Projects > Open Recent).

randy3k commented Apr 16, 2015

If you open the project manually, there is a chance that the settings show_open_files of the projects are not the same. If you use Project Manager to open the project, it will make sure that the settings are always the same.

GC-Mark commented Apr 16, 2015

@randy3k Im also using Project Manager exclusively and get this issue every time I switch projects 😕

Ho do i check I am using the latest version of Project Manager?

@GC-Mark Just noticed, you need to enable "show_open_files":true in the settings for Project Manager.

In Sublime, go to Preferences > Package Settings > Project-Manager > User:
screen shot 2015-04-16 at 11 01 22

and enter the following settings.
"show_open_files": true,

I've also first cleared the cache, sessions, deleted all .sublime-workspace files etc to make sure nearly everything is reset.

Initially, things seem to be working nicely.

GC-Mark commented Apr 16, 2015

@dangelov thanks a lot, that seems to have done the trick! I didn't do any of the extra steps, just added that setting to Project-Manager

randy3k commented Apr 16, 2015

It is not always necessary to set show_open_files to true. It depends on your view setting: View -> Side Bar -> Show/Hide Open File.

The default value of show_open_files in Project Manager is false. It will make sure that the all the Projects will hide the open file. However, if your Sublime View setting is not consistent with the default value (i.e. the view is showing open files) ,you will still get the issue.

The easier solution is to do View -> Side Bar -> Hide Open File. However, if you really want to show open files, Then you have to do

"show_open_files": true,

in Project Managet settings.

It also explains why @dangelov and @GC-Mark got their issues solved.

I guess this randy3k/ProjectManager@d60a501 is why I only started having this issue recently (changed 13 days ago). I always use "Show open files" for all my projects, so when the manager started defaulting to false, things started breaking.

Alright, thanks for clearing things up and glad we found a solution, it was very frustrating.

randy3k commented Apr 16, 2015

I changed to default to false since the default view setting of Show Open File is also false. Glad that you figured it out. :)

@randy3k Makes sense :)

Thanks for your work on that plugin, quite the time saver, and for your help with the workaround.

Issue is still present in build 3092, workaround seems to be to close projects, delete .sublime-workspace files and restart Sublime Text.

Some observations on this bug (ubuntu 12.04, ST 3083):

In the following, a "folder file" is a file in the "root" of a folder in the project. A "subfolder file" is a file in a subfolder of a folder in the project..
(NOTE: I've a partial workaround below in bold)

  • with "show-open-files":false the side bar works if there is only one folder and you don't open any subfolders, though sometimes I need to drag it's edge (adjust it's width) or open e.g. the console (cmd-`) to get it to show anything
  • if I open a subfolder and make it redraw (here subfolder files are drawn on top of folder files), then click one of the subfolder files, it is opened and highlighted in the side bar (with the folder file still visible underneath)
  • if I click on the file after the last subfolder file, the first folder file is opened (not the one visible where I clicked) and highlighted. So the highlight appears where the first folder files name appears: under the first subfolder file, which is a different place to where I click.
  • clicking subsequent positions open and highlight subsequent folder files (again, not where I click)
  • if I click after the last folder file, I get nothing. Thus the last files in the folder are inaccessible.
  • I can make subfolders draw normally like this: open or close a subfolder; close parent folder; open parent folder; refresh view (ctrl-` or change side bar width), though if you play around with that, you can get some "ghost" files remaining visible where they aren't supposed to be.

Changing the folder list in the project file causes the side bar to go blank. Again it can be made to redraw by dragging it's edge. Also by opening e.g. the console (ctrl-`)

With two folders in a project:

  • I can open the second folder and it works ok (so long as I don't open a subfolder).
  • I can open the first and it works ok too, though the second folder is visible under the first item in the first folder.
  • If I open subfolders at this stage, things start to get wierd, but it appears to be following the pattern above

So we've been having this annoying bug for more than two years now, and it's still not fixed - I see it regularly on my Win 8.1 machine.
Is anybody at Sublime HQ still working on this software? Or on its crappy documentation? And if not: Could you please just open source it so that somebody else can fix your bugs?

I've had bug since the release of ST 3, more than a year ago, I'm starting to migrate to ATOM due to this.

Just a reminder to all that the workaround to avoid this bug is quite straightforward: just pick a setting for View > Side Bar > Hide/Show Open Files and make sure all of your projects use the same value for that setting. The bug is triggered when switching between projects with different values for that setting.

I tested that workaround and it doesn't work for me.

For me neither, I never touched that setting.
What works for me: Open a new window (Ctrl+Alt+N) and then the project.

@sentience I think that workaround only works if you've not got any subfolders in your project that you want to open. It's when there's more than one list of things that it goes haywire (ie: open files + project files; project root folder + subfolder; etc..).

@neohunter, @wortwart, @drevicko: I routinely switch between multiple complex projects throughout the day, each with many subdirectories and multiple root folders. Since I’ve ensured that View > Side Bar > Hide Open Files is disabled (i.e. open files are listed at the top of my sidebar) for all of my projects, the problem has not returned for me. The value of this setting is stored in the *.sublime-workspace file for each of your projects, so it may be worthwhile going through these steps:

  1. Launch Sublime Text 3.
  2. Open one of your projects.
  3. Project > New Workspace for Project.
  4. Close the old window.
  5. Ensure View > Side Bar > Hide Open Files is unchecked.
  6. Project > Close Project.
  7. Quit Sublime Text 3.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each of your projects.

That’s what I had to do, and it’s been rock solid ever since.

I just had the same problem. @sentience's solution worked great for me.

@sentience's solution worked for me. Thank you!

mconta commented Sep 18, 2015

@sentience solution works like a charm. It's a really annoying bug.

robkorv commented Oct 23, 2015

I got this when I turned on Side bar -> Show open files on Ubuntu 14.04 with Sublime 3.
Fixed it with rm ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local/Session.sublime_session

Only downside is that I lost my file history.

This happens to me on Windows 7 with Sublime 3.

My workaround is to open my .sublime_workspace file and empty out the "expanded_folders" key, so that it looks like so:


I'd imagine a similar change within the .sublime_session file would work if not using a saved workspace.

@robkorv, @eliveikis: While clearing the problematic session will allow you to work around the issue temporarily, the next time you switch between two projects that have a different ‘Side Bar > Hide Open Files’ setting, your sidebar will become corrupted again.

The only persistent fix for this at the moment is to follow the steps I posted above to make this setting consistent across all your projects.

I resolved my case, where files under 'Open Files' would eventually vanish when mouse clicking the project directory tree or by control+pagedown.. By removing the following from User/Preferences:


wortwart commented Nov 2, 2015

@sentience: I've just encountered this bug the first time in several months and your workaround fixed it - although I still have no idea how "Hide open files" got into my workspace settings. I'd recommend to solve it with "find in files": Filter .sublime-workspace, replace ("show_open_files":\s*)false with \1true.

Is anybody still working on this software? This bug has been around for two and a half years.

@sentience: yes, your fix works. Thanx

marcthiele referenced this issue in jamiewilson/predawn Dec 9, 2015


Projects are empty #118

Fixed by find/replacing "show_open_files": false, and "show_open_files": true, with a blank line in all my *.sublime-workspace and *.sublime-project files and starting all my projects off fresh.

Luckily, I keep all my project/workspace files in a folder.

randy3k commented Feb 13, 2016

Still not fixed in build 3103.

It all started when added files to a new group, I was able to resolve it by temporally switching to a different project and then switching to main project.


wbond commented Apr 26, 2016

I believe this was fixed in build 3107 (it may have been as late as 3109).

Let me know if anyone can still reproduce this in 3111.

seantimm commented May 2, 2016 edited

This happens for me when using tmux. Once I exited back to the standard shell, it worked fine (I'm on build 3103, though, so I haven't tried 3111).

@wbond wbond added R: fixed and removed R: maybe fixed? labels May 6, 2016

wbond added this to the Build 3109 milestone May 6, 2016

wbond closed this May 6, 2016

alienspaces commented May 17, 2016 edited

Just happened to me with Build 3114 / Ubuntu 16.04 64bit

This worked

rm ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local/Session.sublime_session

Just started happening for me on Mac OS 10.11.5, Sublime 3114.

Ashkin commented Jul 15, 2016 edited

I have a variation on this happening to me now.
Sublime 3114, though it started happening with the previous build.

I never change show/hide open files (always on) and do not use workspaces.
When I select Open folder... it only shows the files within that folder, never any subfolders.

This makes working on projects an incredible pain!

Edit: deleting the expanded_folders section of .sublime_session had no effect.

borzale commented Sep 27, 2016

I just had this bug happen to me on os x yosemite 10.10.5 with sublime text 3 build 3126. It happened after I pressed "Open Recent > Clear Items". Even after resetting the program it persisted.

Deleting the workspace files fixed the problem and returned the files/folders to my sidebar and it seems to be working fine now. If it keeps coming up I will report back.

Happening to me now after following the directions on and using git as the sync method. My packages synced correctly, but so far my projects are not syncing correctly. It shows the project name, but the root directory for each project is just empty in the ST3 sidebar. I had to delete the projects and add them again. Kind of annoying.

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