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chitchat—Real-time chatting for the web

Currently we use SockJS as a transport, but I would like to extend this project to allow any system to be plugged in.



Install the library through NPM, dyuh!

npm install chitchat


var http = require('http'),
    sockjs = require('sockjs'),
    chitchat = require('chitchat');

/* Instantiate your chitchat server */
var chat = chitchat.createServer();

/* Setup authorize function */
chat.handleAuthorize(function (data, good, bad) {
    signobj.valid(data.access_token).then(function (data) {
        good(data.username, {meta_data...});
    }).fail(function (err) {
        bad({invalid: true});

/* Handle message function */
chat.handleMessage(function (data, good, bad) {

/* Hook into your HTTP server */
var server = http.createServer();
chat.installHandlers(server, {prefix: '/chat'});
server.listen(9999, '');

var chat = chitchat.createServer()

Create a new chat server.

chat.handleAuthorize(fn(data, goodFn, badFn))

Handle authorization


Data to validate from the front end.

goodFn({String} identifier, {Object} [meta_data])

We authorized the user, you must set an identifier for this user. You may also send some meta data to the front end for the user, perhaps a list of online users!

badFn({Object} [meta_data])

Could not authorize the user, you can pass meta data along to the front end to tell the user why.

chat.handleMessage(fn(data, goodFn, badFn))

Handle message sending

chat.message({Object} user, {Object} message)

Send a custom message to a user.


Hook this into your front end chat UI!



var state = chitchat.state()


  • connected
  • disconnected
  • reconnecting

You may also get a boolean value of each of these states with the following methods.

var cond = chitchat.isConnected()

var cond = chitchat.isDisconnected()

var cond = chitchat.isReconnecting()

chitchat.send({message: 'rwar'})


chitchat.on('connect', fn())

Connected to the chat server

chitchat.on('disconnect', fn())

Disconnected from the chat server

chitchat.on('reconnect', fn())

Reconnecting to the chat server, with the reason why we disconnected.

chitchat.on('messages', fn(messages))

Received a list of chat messages!