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pf—Pointfree style your JavaScript

Value Operators

Method Operator
slice(key) obj[key]
call(args...) obj(args...)
inst(args...) new obj(args...)
t() !!obj
f() !obj
incr() obj++
decr() obj--
type() typeof obj
delete(key) delete obj[key]
times(n) obj * n
over(n) obj / n
mod(n) obj % n
modb(n) n % obj
shl(n) obj << n
shr(n) obj >> n
lshr(n) obj >>> n
lt(n) obj < n
lte(n) obj <= n
gt(n) obj > n
gte(n) obj >= n
eq(n) obj === n
neq(n) obj !=== n
weq(n) obj == n
nweq obj !== n
and(n) obj && n
or(n) obj || n
tern(t, f) obj ? t : f
set(v) obj = v
sincr(v) obj += v
sdecr(v) obj -= v

Function Arithmetic

Method Operator
curry(args...) obj(args..., called args...)
rcurry(args...) obj(called args..., args...)
flip() Flips any arguments applied to function after this
compose(a, b, ...) a(b(obj(called args...)))


Array manipulation

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5].map(pf.times(3)).filter(pf.mod(2).eq(1))
// [ 3, 9, 15 ]