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Subsurface version of libdivecomputer, upstream at
Branch: Subsurface-NG
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torvalds Merge git:// into Subsurfac…

Merge upstream libdivecomputer updates from Jef:

 - Add support for the Aqualung i550C

 - Update Ratio iX3M GPS naming and note that they support rfcomm

 - misc cleanups

* 'master' of git://
  Add support for the Aqualung i550C
  Enable bluetooth support for the Ratio iX3M GPS
  Update the naming of the Ratio iX3M GPS range
  Mark the string tables as constant
  Refactor the filter functions
Latest commit ffbb472 Jul 15, 2019
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contrib/udev Update the udev rules Jun 18, 2019
doc Document dc_descriptor_get_model Aug 27, 2018
examples Merge git:// into Subsurfac… Jan 21, 2019
include Shearwater Teric: add support for the TAG INFO_EVENT Mar 16, 2019
m4 Enable some useful compiler warnings by default Nov 24, 2017
src Merge git:// into Subsurfac… Jul 15, 2019
.gitignore Add subsurface-specific build setup Apr 25, 2018
.travis.yml Use the travis homebrew plugin to install packages Dec 6, 2018
COPYING Add doxygen documentation to the build system Nov 22, 2016
NEWS Release version 0.6.0 Nov 24, 2017
README Add subsurface-specific build setup Apr 25, 2018 Add support for the Cochran Commander and EMC. Mar 22, 2016



Libdivecomputer is a cross-platform and open source library for
communication with dive computers from various manufacturers.

The official web site is:

The sourceforge project page is:


On UNIX-like systems (including Linux, Mac OS X, MinGW), use the
autotools based build system. Run the following commands from the top
directory (containing this file) to configure, build and install the
library and utilities:

  $ ./configure
  $ make
  $ make install

If you downloaded the libdivecomputer source code directly from the git
source code repository, then you need to create the configure script as
the first step:

  $ autoreconf --install

To uninstall libdivecomputer again, run:

  $ make uninstall


Please send bug reports, feedback or questions to the mailing list:

or contact me directly:


Libdivecomputer is free software, released under the terms of the GNU
Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

You can find a copy of the license in the file COPYING.
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