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#Author: Sudhanshu Chauhan - @Sudhanshu_C
#This Script will retrieve the Domain(s) at which the specified account has been compromised
#It uses the API provided by
#Special Thanks to Troy Hunt -
#For MaltegoTransform library and Installation guidelines go to
import sys
import urllib2
import json
from MaltegoTransform import *
HIBP = ""
mt = MaltegoTransform()
email = mt.getValue()
mt = MaltegoTransform()
getrequrl = HIBP + email
response = urllib2.urlopen(getrequrl)
data = json.load(response)
response = data
for rep in response:
mt.addEntity("maltego.Phrase","Pwned at " + rep)
except urllib2.URLError, e: # "Response Codes" within
if e.code == 400:
mt.addUIMessage("The e-mail account does not comply with an acceptable format",messageType="PartialError")
if e.code == 404:
UIMessage = email + " could not be found and has therefore not been pwned"