This is a simple configuration for having a Raspberry Pi replace stand alone catalog computers
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This is a simple configuration for having a Raspberry Pi replace stand alone card catalogs.

This code was based on Reddit user /u/viking-- 's code which can be found at

If you have a system that is solely dedicated to being a card catalog then it might be time to replace that system with a Raspberry Pi. Pis offer the same service for a fraction of the purchasing price ($35 + the use of a monitor) while also significantly reducing the cost of energy.

Pis are also run on Free Open Source Software (FOSS) which public libraries, and libraries in general, should be moving forward to.

What this configuration of raspberry pi offers:

  1. Boot to Kiosk mode with the Chromium browser to the catalog of your choice

  2. If the browser is closed for whatever reason it is immediately started again

  3. After X minutes of inactivity the browser is automatically closed and restarted, deleting all history, cookies, etc. to ensure patron privacy

  4. Shut down the monitor at XX:XX time (Usually at library close)

  5. Restart the Pi at XX:XX time allowing the monitor to turn back on automatically (Usually 15-30 minutes before library open)

Required software // required know-how

Configure Raspberry Pi to Raspbian

Set-up wireless if not running through ethernet

In terminal run : sudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils xinit icedtea-7-plugin numlockx xprintidle chromium -y

-This gives you all required programs needed