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@sudofox sudofox released this Mar 16, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

This is the initial release of sudomemoDNS. Please submit any issues to Sudomemo Support.

Follow the section that goes with your operating system.

Running on Windows:

Run the .exe provided in this release. You may have to click past a warning from Windows SmartScreen/antivirus (as it sometimes turns its nose up at applications bundled by PyInstaller) or your firewall (as it needs to listen for DNS requests).

Running on anything else, including Mac OS X and Linux:

Required packages (installable with pip): requests, dnslib
Required Python version: 3+, tested with 3.6

sudo <name of your python binary>

What you'll see when it starts up

The following will display when you start it up:

|      Sudomemo DNS Server      |
|          Version 1.0          |

Hello! This server will allow you to connect to Sudomemo when
your Internet Service Provider does not work with custom DNS.

#### How To Use ####

The setup process does not differ from what is shown at except for the values
to enter in your custom DNS settings.

First, make sure that your Nintendo DSi is connected to the
same network as this computer.

Here are the settings you will put in for DNS on your Nintendo DSi:

Primary DNS: XX.XX.XX.XX (NOTE: this value will be unique when you run the program)
Secondary DNS:
All other settings should match what is shown at the above URL.

#### Getting Help ####

Need help? Visit our Discord server or check out

When entering your DNS settings, if the Primary DNS is displayed like this (this is an example):

then you can enter it as follows:

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