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This repo contains the Source Code to the AutoAffix Tool.
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Tool is currently experiencing a Critical Bug!

Please read the Issue.


This is the repo for the AutoAffix Tool.

Here you can get all newest updates/bugfixes and an introduction!

1. Installation

Installation is easy. Setup a new Folder in which you want to be using this Tool. Extract the newest release in that Folder.

NOTE: For this Tool to work, you need to have your Keys generated! - The ArchiveFix Tool is located in lib. Please refer to the Rage:MP Tutorial by Ari for instructions on how to accomplish that.

2. Usage

Nothing has to be configured, except for generating the Keys for ArchiveFix. The Tool scans for File Changes in workdir, so you just have to extract the dlc.rpf into that Folder.

After the Tool showed you that it patched everything it detected, you're clear to repack the patched Files into the new dlc.rpf and afterwards patch the new dlc.rpf aswell.

As stated, please remember to patch the repacked dlc.rpf!

Also, don't forget to delete/move all Files from workdir after each Patch!

3. Other

First off, thanks for using AutoAffix. If you find any Bugs or you have any Ideas, just contribute, open up an Issue or write me a Message. Other than that, I'll try to find a way to automate the .rpf extraction and repacking aswell, until then, watchout for updates.

Have fun using AutoAffix :)

Latest Release (Download)

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