Eric's Gnu Emacs Calc Quick-Reference Guide
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Eric’s Gnu Emacs Calc Quick-Reference Guide

[This file describes v1.06 of the guide, of 2015 JUL 27]

This is a quick-reference booklet for the “calc” command that is distributed with Gnu Emacs. It is meant to be printed and folded into a little booklet that you keep by your computer, but you can also leave it in PDF form and refer to it that way.

How to make the booklet

  1. Print the 4-up document on both sides of the paper (duplex). If your printer does not do two-sided printing, you’ll need to feed the pages through a second time, or whatever it is you do to get duplex printing on your printer.
  2. Cut each sheet in half across the short dimension (widthwise). One side of each page has a guide line; cut along that.
  3. Arrange the pages in the proper order.
  4. Staple the booklet together, in the center, where the binding fold will be. One side of the booklet has guide marks where the staples should go.

    Most ordinary staplers aren’t long enough to reach the marks. For me, the following works: Gently fold part of one page toward the center, then slip that folded part between the base and arm of the stapler. Staple the booklet on the guide marks, then unfold the page and smooth it out.

  5. Fold the booklet in half, right where you stapled it. You may want to rest a heavy book upon it overnight.
  6. Finally, trim the edges of the booklet with a razor blade or good scissors.

Alternatively, if you prefer a larger booklet, print the 2-up edition of the document and assemble it similarly.

Where to get this guide

As of 20 MAY 2015, this document is maintained on GitHub at

Feel free to clone it, fork it, adapt it to your needs.


This document, including the entire Git repository (listed above) that houses it (EXCEPT the files in the fonts/ directory which are covered by a different license) is being made available and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

See the above link for full details, but in short you are free to copy, share, redistribute this material, or adapt, edit, transform, or build upon it, for any purpose, including commercial use, so long as you abide by the license terms detailed at that website page.