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A separate server that sits between ECF 4.0 EFMs and docassemble, and can create court filings.

Docassemble-EFSPIntegration is an implementation of a client in Python with a reference interface in Docassemble.


This is an abbreviated version of installation. Full details are in setup.

These instructions are written for Linux (specifically Ubuntu 20.04), steps for other platforms should be similar.

  1. Install docker and docker-compose.
  2. Download this repository: In a terminal, you can run git clone
  3. In the same terminal change directories to where you downloaded the server: cd EfileProxyServer, and then build a docker image for this server. docker-compose build
  4. Run the server image that you just built with docker-compose up.

Env file

Docker env files don't work in normal bash, so if you are running things in your local shell (like when testing), use direnv.

Making API Tokens

Run the following command after starting the services with docker-compose:

docker exec -i efileproxyserver-efspjava-1 /usr/bin/mvn -f /usr/src/app/pom.xml exec:java@LoginDatabase -Dexec.args="servername true true"

The API token to add to the docassemble config will be printed out.


You can run tests with mvn test. To run integration tests with coverage, do the following:

# download a separate jar for jacoco and extract it
# Setup the EFSPIntegration python side of things; where the actual tests are
pip install plumbum docassemble.EFSPIntegration
# Run the integration test
# change the output jacoco.exec file to be owned by you
sudo chown $USER target/jacoco.exec
# run unit tests (without deleting jacoco.exec) and create the report
mvn jacoco:prepare-agent verify jacoco:report
# view the report in your browser
firefox target/site/jacoco/index.html # or chrome, chromium, etc.

You shouldn't have an active running instance of the docker compose containers before running


A proxy server that acts as an Efiling Service Provider, connecting guided interviews to Efiling Managers on Tyler Technologies implementation of ECF 4.0








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