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A tool to help quickly generate draft interviews from an existing document (pdf or DOCX) for the docassemble platform.


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Assembly Line Weaver: Suffolk LIT Lab Document Assembly Line

PyPI version

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The Assembly Line Project is a collection of volunteers, students, and institutions who joined together during the COVID-19 pandemic to help increase access to the court system. Our vision is mobile-friendly, easy to use guided online forms that help empower litigants to access the court remotely.

Our signature project is

We designed a step-by-step, assembly line style process for automating court forms on top of Docassemble and built several tools along the way that you can use in your home jurisdiction.

This package contains an automation and rapid prototyping tool to support authoring robust, consistent, and attractive Docassemble interviews that help complete court forms. Upload a labeled PDF or DOCX file, and the Assembly Line Weaver will produce a runnable, clean code, draft of a Docassemble interview that you can continue to edit and refine.

Read more on our documentation page.

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Quinten Steenhuis,
Bryce Willey, Lily
David Colarusso
Nharika Singh

Installation requirements

Using auto drafting mode

As of June 2023, the Weaver includes auto drafting mode.

To use the automatic field grouping feature of auto drafting mode, you need to install either:

  1. The en_core_web_lg model on your server, or
  2. An API token for

You can request an API token by emailing If you prefer to install your own copy of the en_core_web_lg model, you can access it the first time you select to use auto drafting mode when logged in as an administrator.