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Lingua::Stem::Snowball Build Status

Perl6 binding for the "Snowball compiler"

Status: ALPHA

  • No Snowball code shipped, you need to install it from its own repo.
  • NativeCalls are implemented to emulate the libstemmer.h file.
  • Only the load and sb_stemmer_stem tests are implemented.
  • NEED ASAP lots and lots of tests.

Functions working

  • sb_stemmer_list() returns CArray[Str]
  • sb_stemmer_new(Str, Str) returns sb_stemmer
  • sb_stemmer_delete(sb_stemmer)
  • sb_stemmer_stem(sb_stemmer, Str, int32 ) returns CArray[uint8]
  • sb_stemmer_length(sb_stemmer) returns int32



  1. You need to install the shared library from this repository Sufrostico/snowball because the patch to generate the shared library has not been a accepted yet.

    To install the library

    $ git clone sufrostico-snowball
    $ cd sufrostico-snowball
    $ make

Then as root install the .h (usr/include) and .so (user/lib) files.

    # make install_shared_library
  1. Install this module
    $ git clone
    $ cd perl6-snowball
    $ panda install .